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Fashion design class geared for students

Due to popular demand by budding costume and fashion designers, the Arts Center will offer in July a Fashion Drawing & Textiles class for students in fifth grade through high school.

“It’s for older kids because they’re the ones that are asking for it,” said Bonnie Tressler, who will teach the class. A teaching artist, she majored in textiles and clothing and costuming in college.

During the class, which will run from 1 to 2:30 p.m. July 7-11, students will use light boxes to trace out human figures and then create their own clothing and costuming designs with pencil, pen and colored pencils.

Light boxes will be available for sale, but purchase isn’t necessary, and the class will cost $45 per student.

Participants will start creating portfolios featuring their own designs.

“They don’t have to be great artists,” Tressler said. “… they just have to have an idea in their head of something they could create.”

Class participants will include girls and boys. While some of the interested people have wanted to do fashion art, others have been primarily interested in designing Halloween costumes. It could also be an opportunity to create a sports uniform, unique prom dress, figure skating costume or even a wedding gown.

“They could design football uniforms,” Tressler said. “There’s all kinds of costuming that goes out in the real world. Someone has to design any kind of uniform.”

She herself had always wanted to design shoes, and she got started in textiles by cutting up old bedspreads and socks and designing clothing.

Tressler said kids have been interested in a fashion and costume drawing class for at least 15 years.

If there’s enough demand, she said, it’s possible that there could be a follow-up class so that students could learn to translate their designs into reality.

To register for the class, call 251-2496 or visit

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