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UJ’s ‘An Evening of One Acts’ opens April 27


The University of Jamestown has had some outstanding plays, comedies and musicals this school year. From “The Musical 9 to 5,” in November, February’s “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” and most recently, “The Elephant Man, ” Mike McIntyre’s selections and the students’ performances have been outstanding. And in keeping with tradition, the last stage event of 2016-17 for the theater department will be “An Evening of One-Acts.”

A week from today (on Thursday, April 27) students will direct and perform in three oneact plays.

“Suppressed Desires,” a Susan Glaspell piece, will be directed by Hunter Carpenter. The cast is made up of three characters, Henrietta, Stephen and Mabel, played by Carrie Noel, Colin Crabtree and Megan Roller, respectively. This piece is about a woman’s obsession with psychoanalysis and ultimately leads to a dream that (when interpreted) almost ends in a divorce.

Alexis Martinson directs Charles George’s play “Consolation.” It’s about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who is hospitalized to find rest, quiet and a proper diet, only to find she gets none of what she needs. The cast is Meggie Cronin as Nella, Kenady Hansen as Tillie, Jamie Czapiewski as Virginia, Hannah Erickson as Mabel and Victoria Goodale as Della.

Morgan Baumgartner directs “Summit Conference” by J. Gounod Campbell.

This is a Greekinspired play about the battles between beauty and brawn, goddesses and warriors before the Trojan War. Mount Olympus is the setting.

Aphrodite is played by Britanny McIntyre, Athene by Shayla King and Hera’s role is played by Amanda Arvay. Zach Miller plays Paris while Helen is played by Savannah Schafer. Bellona is played by ReeAnn Christinason while Elise Opp plays Discordia

The evening begins at 7:30 in the Reiland Fine Arts DeNault Auditorium.

The Spring 2017 All Students Art exhibit is in the lobby then as well, so be sure to tour it while there.

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