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Make plans now for New Year, New You

Emily Kjelland, New Year, New You

As we all ramp up in our preparations for the holidays, I would like to remind you of our annual James- town Regional Medical Center New Year, New You Community Wellness Challenge. Our community had great success with the program last year, which was our largest to date with 610 participants across the three divisions. We have listened to your suggestions and have made improvements to assist you toward your goals of health, fitness and wellness.

The goal of the eight-week New Year, New You challenge is to help make the Jamestown the healthiest city in North Dakota. Participants join teams within the workplace or with friends and family in competition with other teams in the community. Points are earned for accumulating physical activity and eating healthy foods, as well as completing a weekly challenge gauged toward an element of wellness.

Sarah Hass, team leader of the winning 2013 Friends and Family division, reflects on the challenge, “I feel that most people have a competitive side, although it’s hard to get motivated by yourself and stay motivated. On our team of four, we lost over 70 pounds. My husband was able to lose 22 and was the rock in our team. He was the one to beat! It’s been the only thing that has worked for us to get motivated to actually lose the weight. We are looking forward to joining, losing weight and winning again next year. Thank you for all you do!”

This year we have a broad wellness focus with weekly topics varying from mental health to sleep to cancer screenings. We are excited to offer you yummy recipes to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals as this was a struggle for many of last year’s participants. For increased awareness, the weekly challenges will be introduced in The Jamestown Sun’s article during the week prior as well as emailed out to team leaders.

The challenge will begin one week later, on Jan. 13, to allow time for winding down post-holiday and for college students to return from break.

As an additional benefit, Central Valley Health District received a grant from the North Dakota Cancer Coalition for our community to do specific work with policy systems and environmental changes related to worksite wellness. During the NYNY challenge, CVHD will provide surveys and assistance to worksites in order to help businesses make long-term changes in the health of their employees.

On Dec. 1, payment and registration will be available online at www.jrm Registration forms can also be printed off and submitted with payment in person at any JRMC admission desk. We also offer a presentation at worksites to assist with registration and get teams mo- tivated! Call 952-4891 and talk to Bernie to schedule a worksite NYNY presentation. Rally your team and join us to do your part in moving Jamestown toward becoming the healthiest city in North Dakota!

(Kjelland is the cardiopulmonary rehab and wellness manager at Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Wellness Center)