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July 2, 2016
Watermelon a refreshing flavor for the Fourth
July 2, 2016 - 7:07am
June 25, 2016
Home with the Lost Italian presents Sarah's rhubarb gelato in meringue nests with strawberry coulis on Saturday, June 18, 2016, as the feature dessert for the Mayville State Summer Supporters dinner. The primary ingredients of this dish are strawberries, rhubarb and eggs. 
Matt Hellman / Forum News Service
Rhubarb ice cream tops off evening with friends
June 25, 2016 - 7:37am
June 18, 2016
Grilled chicken with honey lemon garlic sauce. Dave Wallis / Forum News Service
Honey Lemon Garlic Sauce showcases great North Dakota ingredient
June 18, 2016 - 7:42am
June 11, 2016
Onions and peppers should be diced small to fit on a fork with the rest of the salad.
Dave wallis | forum news service
Black bean and rice salad surprisingly flavorful summer dish
June 11, 2016 - 7:01am
June 4, 2016
Grilled flank steak with gremolata.
Flank steak enhanced by Italian accoutrements
June 4, 2016 - 7:07am
May 28, 2016
Fruit salad, mimosas simply extraordinary feat
May 28, 2016 - 6:15am
May 14, 2016
Criss-crossed marks come from rotating the meat 90 degrees on the grill. Dave Wallis | Forum News Service
Celebrate Syttende Mai with grilled salmon, lingonberry sauce
May 14, 2016 - 7:37am
May 7, 2016
Crepes are served with toasted, slivered almonds and fresh berries.Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service
Sweet and savory crepes hard to beat as a treat on Mother's Day
May 7, 2016 - 6:31am
May 4, 2016
Five ways to help reduce food waste
May 4, 2016 - 7:07am
Great Stories of the Great Plains: Kerosene lantern leads to Jamestown barn fire in 1885
May 4, 2016 - 7:03am
April 30, 2016
Ingredients for Springtime Bowtie Pasta Salad prepared by Tony Nasello. DAVE WALLIS | Forum news service
Veggie Bowtie Pasta Salad is a star of a side dish
April 30, 2016 - 7:38am
April 23, 2016
Lemon Poppy Seed Breakfast Bread is basted with Lemon Syrup shortly after baking. Michael Vosburg | Forum News Service
Lemon Poppy Seed Breakfast Bread bakes up beautifully for spring
April 23, 2016 - 7:46am
April 16, 2016
Asparagus dip is made with cream cheese, Parmesan, mint garlic and crushed red pepper.
MICHAEL VOSBURG | Forum News Service
Three ways to enjoy springtime asparagus
April 16, 2016 - 6:39am
April 13, 2016
Take care of your eyes
April 13, 2016 - 7:05am
April 9, 2016
Niçoise salad is topped with dressing made with anchovies, good Dijon mustard and shallots. It can also be tossed and served in a sandwich.
Michael Vosburg | Forum News Service
Salade Niçoise a hearty salad for dinner's main course
April 9, 2016 - 6:44am