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Program on grieving children set

The Jamestown Area Grief Support Team will present “Soup for the Soul” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Women’s Club Room, 210 3rd St. SW, Jamestown (the back entrance of the Ottmar and Ottmar building). The subject of the evening’s program is “Supporting Grieving Children.” Special guest speaker Diane Crowston is a former counselor with Jamestown Public Schools. She will share her expertise and experience working with children who have experienced the death of someone important in their lives.

Children’s grief is often very misunderstood, Crowston said. Many people don’t realize that children actually do grieve when they have lost someone they love. But anyone who is old enough to love is old enough to grieve.

A child is often unable to articulate his or her feelings of grief, which may lead the adults in his or her life to believe that he or she has not been affected by the death. Changes in the child’s behavior may be misinterpreted as something other than an expression of grief, Crowston said. In addition, children may not feel that they have anyone to talk to about their feelings of grief. They don’t think that anyone can understand how they are feeling because most of their friends and classmates have not experienced the death of someone close to them. This evening will be an opportunity to learn how to support children who have lost  loved ones.

Everyone is welcome to share in this informal evening, which includes a meal of soup and sandwiches. The program is free. Any adult — parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy — who knows a child who has lost a loved one is especially encouraged to attend.