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Save at the grocery store with coupons

Imagine saving hundreds of dollars at the grocery store every year simply by using coupons. You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save money.

Finding coupons at your fingertips has never been easier. Here’s how to get more bang for your buck with using coupons:

* Online: Many websites offer printable coupons. Some include, boo,,, my, coupons. com,, coupons-couponcodes. com and allfreecoupons. com. Search the Internet to find additional sites that offer coupons.

* Store apps: Check your stores for apps that will show sales and allow you to make a shopping list. By planning ahead and sticking to your list, you will be able to resist impulse buying.

* Store’s weekly ads: Weekly specials and coupons may be available at the front of the store or at the customer service counter.

* Peel off coupon stickers: These are attached to some products themselves. Be sure to peel off the coupon and give it to the cashier for immediate savings.

* Look for coupons on the back of your receipt or from the Sunday paper.

* Manufacturer couppons can be found on or near shelves.

* Bonus coupons: Couppons and rebates can be found near the front of the store or on the store bulletin board.

Save with loss leaders

Question: I heard that I should shop for the “loss leaders” at the grocery store. What does that mean?

Loss leaders are the foods that usually are advertised at the front side (or sometimes the back) of the grocery store sales ads. The items are priced much lower than usual, and the store expects to lose money, or barely break even, on these items. Loss leaders get your attention and entice you to shop at that particular store. You might buy a lot of other items besides the loss leaders.

Be a wise shopper and stretch your food dollar by taking advantage of the loss leaders. Stock up on the items that you or your family will use. For example, if canned vegetables are the “super bargain” of the week, stock up. Their storage life is at least two years in your cupboard.

If you shop at more than one store, compare the prices of the advertised items in the sale ads. Then make a shopping list for each store based on the store’s layout. Stretch your food dollar by planning your menus using the foods that are on sale.

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