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Home and Hobby results

Patrons view items in the open class show at the Stutsman County Fair. John M. Steiner / The Sun

The following are winners in the Stutsman County Fair in the Home and Hobby Department. Winners are compiled from judges’ books.



Field corn, 6 stalks: Adam Krapp, first.

Brome grass: Christopher Well, first.

Sweet clover: Christopher Well, first.

Soy beans: Adam Krapp, first

Best Cultivated Crop: Christopher Well.



Apple, 6: Sara Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second; Duane Klostreich, third.

Crabapple, 6: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Cherries, 12: Sara Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Plums, green 6: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Strawberries, 1/2 pint (caps on): Sara Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Any other fruit: Sara Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second.


Asparagus, 6 spears: Gloria Jones, first

Dill heads, 3: Gloria Jones, first.

Garlic, 3: Arlie Lind, first.

Six green table onions: Gloria Jones, first; Jackie Readel, second.

Three white mature onions: Gary Vollrath, first.

Potatoes (red), 4: Gary Vollrath, first.

Potatoes (white), 4: Duane Klostreich, first.

Radish, round 6: Gloria Jones, first.

Rhubarb, 6 stalks in one bunch: Gloria Jones, first; Jackie Readel, second; Betty Ament, third.

Swiss chard, 3 plants: Betty Ament, first.

Turnips, 6: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Herbs – potted: Betty Ament, first; Carol Jensen, second.

Any other vegetable: Gloria Jones, first: Betty Ament, second.

Best Adult Vegetable/Fruit: Arlie Lind.

Best Adult Onion: Gloria Jones.

Best Adult Potatoe: Duane Klostreich.





Apples, 6: Ethan Igl, first; Bryan Mitchell, second; Nate Kjellberg, third.

Crabapples, 6: Nate Kjellberg, first.

Plums, 6: Lance Kjellberg, first; Seth Kjellberg, second.

Strawberries, 1/2 pint: Jacob Wolfe, first.

Any other fruit: Miah Tyson, first; Maddy Tyson, second.

Green table onions: Hunter Mitchell, first.

Potato, 4: Meggy Vollrath, first.

Rhubarb, 6 stalks: McKenna Barnick, first; Hunter Mitchell, second; Bryan Mitchell, third.

Tomatoes, green 3: Meggy Vollrath, first.

Any other vegetable: Maddy Tyson, first; Miah Tyson, second; Bryan Mitchell, third.

Best Junior Vegetable/Fruit: Jacob Wolfe.

Best Junior Onion: Hunter Mitchell.

Best Junior Potato: Meggy Vollrath.



Clematis, 7 to 8 blooms: Gloria Jones, first.

Columbine, 5 stems: Gloria Jones, first.

Corsage (fresh): Betty Ament, first: Julie Orr, second.

Corsage (silk): Betty Ament, first.

Daisies, Common, Oxeye, 5 blooms: Judy Scherbenske, first; Gloria Jones, second; Verna Peterson, third.

Daisies, Shasta, 5 blooms: Jolene Barnick, first.

Delphiniums, 3 spikes: Gloria Jones, first.

Dianthus, 3 stems: Gloria Jones, first.

Iris, 1 stem: Jolene Barnick, first.

Lily Day, 1 stem: Gloria Jones, first.

Any other lily, 1 stem: Marcella Murch, first; Gloria Jones, second; Verna Peterson, third.

Peonies, 3 stems: Betty Ament, first; Julie Orr, second; Patsy Klose, third.

Poppies, California (only) 8 blooms: Gloria Jones, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Rose, 1 bloom: Gloria Jones, first; Betty Ament, second; Jolene Barnick, third.

Rose bowl: Sara Jensen, first; Stephanie Springer, second, Julie Orr, third.

Snap dragons, 5 stems: Gloria Jones, first.

Any other flower, large: Deb Holmes, first; Julie Orr, second.

Any other flower, small: Carol Jensen, first; Gloria Jones, second; Betty Ament, third.

Fresh bouquet, full size: Miranda Letherman, first; Julie Orr, second; Betty Ament, third.

Fresh bouquet, miniature: Julie Orr, first; Betty Ament, second; Sara Jensen, third.

Fresh flower arrangement, buffet: Julie Orr, first; Betty Ament, second.

Fresh flower arrangement, centerpiece: Betty Ament, first; Julie Orr, second; Sara Jensen, third.

Native prairie arrangement: Betty Ament, first.

Dried or silk arrangement, buffet: Stephanie Springer, first; Betty Ament, second; Deb Holmes, third.

Dried or silk arrangement, centerpiece: Julie Orr, first; Betty Ament, second; Stephanie Springer, third.

Best Adult Flower: Sara Jensen.





Daisies: McKenna Barnick, first.

Lily Day: Emma Grenz, first; Morgan Well, second; McKenna Barnick, third.

Lily any other: Chloe Smith, first.

Peonies: Ethan Igl, first.

Single Rose, one bloom: McKenna Barnick, first.

Rose bowl: Morgan Well, first.

Other flowers: Morgan Well, first; Chloe Smith, second; Ethan Igl, third.

Native prairie: Chloe Smith, first.

Mini bouquet, under 7” (to age 10): Ethan Igl, first.

Fresh flower arrangement or bouquet (ages 11–16): Hunter Mitchell, first; Alexandra Grenz, second.

Silk flower arrangement: Megan Brown, first.

Best Junior Flower: Hunter Mitchell.





White bread: Audrey Dewes, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second; LaVerne Yetterboe, third.

Dark wheat bread: LaVerne Yetterboe, second; Deb Holmes, third.

Any bread machine bread: Danelle Van Zinderen, second.

White buns: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Audrey Dewes, second; Jackie Readel, third.

Dark buns: Charlene Joy, first; Jackie Readel, second; LaVerne Yetterboe, third.

Fancy rolls: Jeanette Srozinski, first.

Cinnamon rolls: Jackie Readel, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second; Lynette Lind, third.

Caramel rolls: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Jackie Readel, second; LaVerne Yetterboe, third.

Kuchen: Jackie Readel, first; LaVerne Yetterboe, second; Audrey Dewes, third.

Best In Adult Rolls: Jeanette Srozinski.

Best In Adult Bread: Jeanette Srozinski.


Banana bread: Kristen Grenz, first; Audrey Dewes, second; Jeanette Srozinski, third.

Vegetable bread: Danelle Van Zinderen, first.

Any other quick bread: Krystyna Hoeckle, second; Gloria Jones, third.

Bran muffins: LaVerne Yetterboe, second.

Coffee cake: Gloria Jones, first; Gayle Frey, second.

Best Adult Quick Bread: Kristen Grenz.


Any other cake, not iced: Jackie Readel, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Any other layer cake, iced: Lynette Lind, first.

Chocolate cupcakes, not iced: LaVerne Yetterboe, second.

Light cupcakes, not iced: Lynette Lind, first.

Gluten free cupcakes: Gloria Jones, third.

Angel food cake, not iced: Sally Peterson, first; Jackie Readel, second.

Jelly roll, 2 slices: Raquel Heinle, first.

Best In Adult Cake: Sally Peterson.


Chocolate: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Deb Holmes, second.

Chocolate chip: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Audrey Dewes, second; Darnel Carlson, third.

Filled: Charlene Joy, first.

Ginger: Jeanette Srozinski, first.

Oatmeal: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Kristen Grenz, second; Audrey Dewes, third.

Peanut butter: Jeanette Srozinski, first; Gayle Frey, second; Charlene Joy, third.

Pressed or molded: Charlene Joy, first.

Sugar: Krystyna Hoeckle, first; Nick Kurtz, second; Audrey Dewes, third.

Unbaked: Gloria Jones, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second.

Gluten free cookie: Audrey Dewes, first.

Brownies: Charlene Joy, first; Raquel Heinle, second; Gayle Frey, third.

Best In Adult Cookie/Bar: Charlene Joy.


One crust pie: Anna Marks, first; Ardelle Loose, second; Raquel Heinle, third.

Two crust pie: Ann Marks, first; Paul Lee, second.

Best Pie: Ann Marks.


Caramels: Gloria Jones, first.

Chocolate fudge: Margaret Leonard, first; Raquel Heinle, second; Gloria Jones, third.

Chocolates, homemade: Gloria Jones, first.

Divinity: Margaret Leonard, first.

Molded candy including mints: Gloria Jones, first.

Peanut brittle: Gloria Jones, second.

Best In Adult Candy: Margaret Leonard.



Beans: Marge Lange, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Carrots: Patsy Klose, second.

Corn: Patsy Klose, second; Kathy Steiner, third.

Peppers: Gloria Jones, first.

Sauerkraut: Marge Lange, second.

Tomatoes: Gloria Jones, first; Lynette Lind, second; Evy Fruetel, third.

Tomato juice: Gloria Jones, first; Marge Lange, second.

Tomato, spaghetti or pizza sauce: Gloria Jones, first; Marge Lange, second; Laura Fruetel, third.

Salsa: Sandi Green, first; Gloria Jones, second; Jolene Barnick, third.

Other vegetables: Gloria Jones, first.

Soup, any kind, homemade: Gloria Jones, first; Sally Peterson, second.

Best In Adult Vegetables: Gloria Jones.


Beet: Evy Fruetel, first; Marge Lange, second; Gloria Jones, third.

Bread and butter: Marge Lange, first.

Dill: Dawn Fruetel, first; Gloria Jones, second; Kathy Steiner, third.

Relish: Lynette Lind, first; Marge Lange, second; Laura Fruetel, third.

Sweet cucumber: Darnel Carlson, second.

Watermelon: Evy Fruetel, first.

Zucchini pickles or relish: Gloria Jones, first.

Any other pickles: Laura Fruetel, first; LaVerne Yetterboe, second; Lynette Lind, third.

Best Of Adult Pickles: Dawn Fruetel.


Apples: Gloria Jones, first.

Applesauce: Gloria Jones, first; Sandi Green, second; Marge Lange, third.

Apricots: Marge Lange, first; LaVerne Yetterboe, second.

Cherries: LaVerne Yetterboe, first; Marge Lange, second; Colleen Torgerson, third.

Peaches: Evy Fruetel, first; Marge Lange, second.

Plums: Marge Lange, first.

Any other fruit: Marge Lange, first; Betty Ament, third.

Any other fruit sauce: Sue Trecker, first.

Fruit juice – any kind: Sandi Green, first.

Best Of Fruits: Sue Trecker.


Wild game: Judy Klostreich, third.

Jerky: Gloria Jones, first; Jim Cofield, second; Mikaela Cofield, third.

Pepper sticks: Howard Bjorgaard, second.

Best Adult Meat: Gloria Jones.


Raspberry jam: Gloria Jones, first.

Rhubarb jam: Marge Lange, first.

Strawberry jam: Gloria Jones, first.

Blended or other jam: Judy Klostreich, first; Evy Fruetel, third.

Apple or crabapple jelly: Arlie Lind, first; Gloria Jones, second.

Chokecherry jelly: Gloria Jones, first.

Grape Jelly: Marge Lange, first.

Blended or other jelly: Betty Ament, first.

Fruit butter – any kind: Betty Ament, first.

Best Of Jelly/Jam: Bryan Mitchell.




AGES 5-7

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: Brin Van Zinderen, first; Louis Kjellberg-Jones, second.

Unbaked bar: Cassidy Williams, first; Miah Tyson, second; Cedric Kramlich, third.

Any other bar: Clara Harms, first; Miah Tyson, second; Cassidy Williams, third.

Sugar cookies: Cedric Kramlich, first; Cassidy Williams, third.

Unbaked cookies: Miah Tyson, first.

Best In Cookie/Bar: Clara Harms.




AGES 8-11

Yeast bread, 1 lb loaf: Hunter Mitchelle, first; Cullen Flieth, second.

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: Megan Brown, first; Elizabeth Grenz, second; Emma Grenz, third.

Muffins, fruit: Sydney Wilson, first; Adrienne Dunwoody, second; Cheyana Smith, third.

Muffins, 2 any kind: Paige Earnest, third.

Pie, small, any kind: Elizabeth Grenz, first; Emma Grenz, second.

Brownies: Elizabeth Grenz, first; Adrienne Dunwoody, second; Emma Grenz, third.

Unbaked bar: Maddy Tyson, first; Maleeka Kramlich, second.

Any other bar: Aislinn Klein, first; Elizabeth Grenz, second; Megan Brown, third.

Oatmeal cookies: Spencer Schmuhl, first; Lance Kjellberg, third.

Sugar cookies: Aislinn Klein, first; Maleeka Kramlich, second.

Unbaked cookies: Maddy Tyson, first; Megan Brown, third.

Any other cookie: Hunter Mitchelle, first; Megan Brown, second.

Jelly: Megan Brown, first.

Best In Cookie/Bar: Aislinn Klein.

AGES 12-16

Quick bread, 1 small loaf: MacKenzie Hansen, first; Alexandra Grenz, second.

Muffins, 2 any kind: Amber Earnest, first; Tyler Bjorgaard, second.

Pie, small, any kind: Alexandra Grenz, first.

Brownies: MacKenzie Hansen, first; Alexandra Grenz, second; Mikaela Cofield, third.

Any other bar: Mikaela Cofield, first; Alexandra Grenz, second.

Chocolate chip cookies: Alexandra Grenz, first.

Oatmeal cookies: Morgan Well, second.

Any other cookie: Bryan Mitchell, first.

Candy, any kind: Bryan Mitchel, first.

Best In Cookie/Bar: MacKenzie Hansen.


Sportswear: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Coat or jacket: Deb Holmes, second.

Shirt: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Skirt or jumper: Melissa Olson, second; Nichole Haugen, third.

Sleepwear: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Hat: Candy Schultes, second; Carol Jensen, third.

Scarf: Carol Jensen, second.

Bib: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Any other garment: Carol Jensen, first; Judy Scherbenske, second; Candy Schultes, third.

Apron: Carol Jensen, first; Nichole Haugen, third.

Fashion accessory: Carol Jensen, first.

Hand bag or tote bag – handmade: Carol Jensen, first.

Best Sewing Technique: Carol Jensen.


Pillow: Carol Jensen, first; Candy Schultes, second.

Pillow case: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Other decorated dish towel: Judy Scherbenske, first.

Any kitchen fingertip towel: Judy Scherbenske, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second.

Pot holders (2): Carol Jensen, first.

Appliance cover (kitchen): Judy Scherbenske, first; Carol Jensen, second.

Applique on terry towel: Judy Scherbenske, second.

Rug – any kind: Audrey Dewes, second.

Best In Home Furnishings: Carol Jensen.


Baby: Patsy Klose, second; Audrey Dewes, third.

Embroidered: Janet Van Bruggen, second.

Pieced, definite pattern: Patsy Klose, second; Penny Burgraff, third.

Recycled fabric: Sara Jensen, second.

Quilt made by person 25/under: Jane Tang, third.

Pieced and quilted – by the exhibitor on either a home sewing machine or longarm/midarm (entirely constructed by one person): Julie Orr, first; Patsy Klose, second.

Quilt made by person over 70: Audrey Dewes, first.

Wall hanging: Verna Thompson, second.

Any other quilt: Patsy Klose, second; Carol Jensen, third.

Best Adult Quilt: Julie Orr.


AGES 12-16

Quilt: Alyssa Michel, first; Kailey Alber, second.

Best Junior Quilt: Alyssa Michel.


AGES 5-7

Apron: Cassidy Williams, second.

Any other sewing: Max Elhard, second; Cassidy Williams, third.

AGES 8-11

Any other sewing: Megan Brown, first.

Handbag or tote bag – handmade: Cheyana Smith, first.

AGES 12-16

Any other sewing: Morgan Well, first; Tyler Bjorgaard, second; Martha Scheaffer, third.

Handbag or tote bag – handmade: Martha Scheaffer, second.


Crocheted in one piece: Danelle Van Zinderen, second; Daine Flieth, third.

Crocheted in blocks/strips: Danelle Van Zinderen, first.

Any other adult afghan: Danelle Van Zinderen, first.

Baby afghan, crocheted: Danelle Van Zinderen, second; Daine Flieth, third.

Baby afghan, knit: Nichole Haugen, first.

Best Adult Afghan: Danelle Van Zinderen.


Doily under 14”: Judy Klostreich, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second; Diane Ridley, third.

Centerpiece over 14”: Diane Ridley, first.

Cap: Candy Schultes, first; Madison Mitschenbacher, second; Danelle Van Zinderen, third.

Cape, shawl or stole: Daine Flieth, first.

Dish cloth: Daine Flieth, first; Dawn Fruetel, second; Jeanette Srozinski, third.

Neck scarf: Daine Flieth, first; Jeanette Srozinski, second; Nicole Mosolf, third.

Pillow case: Daine Flieth, second.

Pot holder (2): Danelle Van Zinderen, first; Martha Bjorgaard, second.

Slippers: Danelle Van Zinderen, first; Daine Flieth, second; Jeanette Srozinski, third.

Child’s sweater or jacket: Danelle Van Zinderen, second.

Child’s sweater set: Daine Flieth, first.

Item made by person over 70: Dianne Purcell, first; Evy Fruetel, second.

Crocheted item (ages 8-11): Madison Mitschenbacher, first.

Any other crochet item: Diane Ridley, first; Candy Schultes, third.

Best Adult Crocheted Item: Daine Flieth.


Cap: Janet Van Bruggen, third.

Craft item: Janet Van Bruggen, second.

Machine knitting: Janet Van Bruggen, third.

Neck scarf: Jeanette Srozinski, third.

Sweater: Dianne Purcell, first.

Item made by person over 70: Dianne Purcell, second; Janet Van Bruggen, third.

Best Adult Knit Item: Dianne Purcell.


Counted cross stitch picture: Mariah Westerhausen, first.

Printed cross stitch: Daine Flieth, second.


Embroidered pillow case: Deb Holmes, first; Kailey Alber, second; Jane Tang, third.

Embroidered dish towel: Marge Lange, second.


Needlepoint item: Mariah Westerhausen, first; Calli Barnick, second.

Best Needlework: Mariah Westerhausen.



Bell pull or clock string: Jeanette Srozinski, second.

Christmas item, non-needlework: Amanda Michel, first; Brian Bergstedt, third.

Decorated shirt: Brian Bergstedt, second; Judy Scherbenske, third.

Decoupage item: Judy Scherbenske, third.

Holiday other than Christmas: Roberta Reimers, first; Brian Bergstedt, second.

Holiday ornament: Daine Flieth, first; Brian Bergstedt, second.

Jewelry: Betty Ament, first; Deb Holmes, second; Stephanie Springer, third.

Handmade greeting card: Amanda Michel, second.

Plastic canvas item: Daine Flieth, third.

Wreath or swag: Deb Holmes, first; Betty Ament, third.

Item made by hand. person: Roberta Reimers, first; Serena Kennedy, second; Brian Bergstedt, third.

Craft item/person over 70: Betty Kobernick, first.

Misc. non-needlework craft: Brittney Nygaard, first; Emma Grenz, second; Sara Jensen, third.

Best In Adult Craft: Deb Holmes.


AGES 5-7

Bead Craft: Grace Bercier, first; Kaida Walch, second; Claire Sandstrom, third.

Christmas item, large: Isabelle Jones, first.

Christmas item, small: Christian Wilkenson, first; Ayden Fosse, second; Olivia Korynta, third.

Decoupage item: Molly Wilson, second.

Doll blanket, 36” x 36”: Reese Christ, first; Peighton Walker, second.

Holiday other than Christmas: Deegan Michel, first; Louis Kjellberg, second; Charlotte Wilson, third.

Jewelry: Cassidy Williams, first; Aiden Bjone, second; Isabelle Jones, third.

Refrigerator magnet: Jake Bredahl, first; Christian Wilkenson, second; Cooper Kirkiby, third.

Yarn craft: Isabelle Jones, third.

AGES 8-11

Bead craft: Adrienne Dunwoody, first; Aislinn Klein, second; Paige Earnest, third.

Christmas item, large: Ethan Igl, first; Nate Kjellberg, third.

Christmas item, small: Nicholas Huebner, first; Dylan Sahr, second; Avery Mee, third.

Decorated shirt: Nate Kjellberg, second; Lance Kjellberg, third.

Doll blanket, 36” x  36”: Paige Earnest, first; Kendyl Anderson, second; Kristen Spanier, third.

Holiday other than Christmas: Lance Kjellberg, second.

Jewelry: Leah Peckham, first; Paige Earnest, second.

Handmade greeting card: Erin Henke, second.

Potholder: Ethan Igl, third.

Refrigerator magnet: Abigayle Jones, second; Ashtun Johnson, third.

AGES 12-16

Bead craft: Amber Earnest, second; Martha Scheaffer, third.

Christmas item, small: Martha Scheaffer, third.

Decorated shirt: Seth Kjellberg, third.

Doll blanket, 36” x 36”: Amber Earnest, second.

Jewelry: Martha Scheaffer, second.

Handmade greeting card: Martha Scheaffer, third.

Stuffed toy: Amber Earnest, third.

Wall hanging: Tyler Bjorgaard, first.

Yarn craft: Megan Brown, second.

Misc. craft: Megan Brown, first; Schayla Schauer, second.

Best Junior Craft (All ages): Ethan Igl.



Bird house, functional: Arlie Lind, second.

Dec. ready made wood item: Stephanie Springer, second.

Wood craft, any other: Arlie Lind, first; Betty Ament, second; Stephanie Springer, third.

Craft made of recycled product: Brian Bergstedt, second; Nichole Haugen, third.

Best Wood & Other Craft: Arlie Lind.




AGES 5-7

Handmade toy: Louis Kjellberg, first; Charlotte Wilson, second; Brady Wolff, third.

Suncatcher: Isabelle Jones, second.

Wood craft, any other: Cedric Kramlich, first; Cassidy Williams, second; Lily Parsons, third.

Craft made of recycled product: Locklynn Steele, first; Calli Barnick, second; Louis Kjellberg, third.

AGES 8-11

Bird house, decorative: Abigayle Jones, third.

Bird feeder: Tawni Wanzek, first; Mikaila Walch, second; Alexis Hibpshman, third.

Handmade toy: Hunter Mitchell, first.

Suncatcher: Adrienne Dunwoody, first; Abigayle Jones, third.

Wood craft, any other: Cheyana Smith, first; Evan Van Zinderen, second; Maleeka Kramlich, third.

Woodburning item: Christopher Kessler, first; Nate Kjellberg, second.

Craft made of recycled product: Britian Willman, first; Megan Brown, second; Hannah Brugger, third.

AGES 12-16

Wood craft, any other: MacKenzie Hansen, first; Jacob Wolfe, second; Dylan Staloch, third.

Woodburning item: Austin Kessler, first.





Chalk or charcoal: Stephanie Springer, first; Nichole Mosolf, second.

Ink: Stephanie Springer, first.

Pencil: Jane Tang, first; Stephanie Springer, second.


Acrylic: Brittney Nygaard, first; Michelle Oswald, second; Stephanie Springer, third.

Watercolor: Charlotte Walden, first; Stephanie Springer, second.


Clay or plastercraft: Nick Kurtz, first; Brian Bergstedt, second.

Metal: Erik Laber, first.

Other: Christianna Eckstein, first.

Best Adult Art: Charlotte Walden.



AGES 5-7


Mixed medium: Brin Van Zinderen, first; Charlotte Wilson, second.


Acrylic: Cedric Kramlich, first.

Watercolor: Charlotte Wilson, first; Breanna Kozuch, second; Sarita San Miquel, third.


Clay or plastercraft: Cedric Kramlich, first; Charlotte Wilson, second; Cooper Kirkiby, third.

Other: Charlotte Wilson, first; Molly Wilson, second; Deegan Michel, third.

AGES 8-11


Chalk or charcoal: Hunter Mitchell, first.

Ink: Katie Schmitz, first; Alexis Kirkiby, second; Leah Peckham, third.

Pencil: Madison Mutschenbacher, first; Katie Schmitz, second; Elizabeth Grenz, third.

Mixed medium: Emma Grenz, first; Emily Ament, second; Adrienne Dunwoody, third.


Acrylic: Evyn Dick, first; Katie Schmitz, second; Ethan Igl, third.

Watercolor: Ethan Igl, first; Dee Van Zinderen, second; Evan Van Zinderen, third.


Clay or plastercraft: Alexis Kirkiby, first; Maleeka Kramlich, second; Ethan Igl, third.

Metal: Ethan Igl, first.

Other: Ethan Igl, first.

AGES 12-16


Ink: Abby Harr, first.

Pencil: Leah Davis, first; Abby Harr, second; Amber Earnest, third.

Mixed medium: Amber Earnest, first; Jack Wilson, second; Martha Scheaffer, third.


Acrylic: Amber Earnest, first; Leah Davis, second; Abby Harr, third.

Watercolor: Bryan Mitchell, first.


Clay or plastercraft: Leah Davis, first; Ashley Wolfe, second; Adrienne Dunwoody, third.

Best Junior Art: Leah Davis.





Portraits/candids: Jessica Harms, first; Darnel Carlson, second; Lynda Thronsedt, third.

Scenic: Jessica Harms, first; Lynda Thronsedt, second; Sarah Wilson, third.

Nature: Jessica Harms, first; Pam Schmiedeberg, second; Kevin Andrus, third.

Any other: Sally Peterson, first; Terry Raiche, second; Ann Marks, third.


Portraits/candids: Jan Andrud, first; Darnel Carlson, second.

Nature: Lynda Thronsedt, first; Howard Bjorgaard, second; Darnel Carlson, third.

Any other: Ann Marks, first.

Best In Adult Photography: Jessica Harms.


AGES 5 – 7


Portraits/candids: Locklynn Steele, first.

Scenic: Charlotte Wilson, first; Chloe Smith, second.

Nature: Chloe Smith, first; Kaden Jensen, second; Charlotte Wilson, third.


Portraits/candids: Locklynn Steele, first.

AGES 8-11


Portraits/candids: Leah Peckham, first; Emily Ament, second.

Scenic: Krysta Schmiedeberg, first; Leah Peckham, second.

Nature: Thomas Schmiedeberg, first; Krysta Schmiedeberg, second; Lance Kjellberg, third.

Any other: Leah Peckham, first.


Scenic: Leah Peckham, first.

Nature: Leah Peckham, first; Erin Henke, second.

AGES 12-16


Portraits/candids: Amber Earnest, first; Leah Davis, second; Tia Walker, third.

Scenic: Leah Davis, first; Will Peckham, second; Tia Walker, third.

Nature: Leah Davis, first; Amber Earnest, second; Alyssa Michel, third.

Any other: Will Peckham, first; Leah Davis, second; Amber Earnest, third.


Portraits/candids: Amber Earnest, first; Nik Marks, second; Tia Walker, third.

Scenic: Tia Walker, first; Amber Earnest, second; Alyssa Michel, third.

Best Junior Photography (All ages): Tia Walker.




Functional pieces for food

Glazed: Michelle Oswald, first; Sasha Seekins, second; Brian Bergstedt, third.


Glazed: Sasha Seekins, first; Jane Tang, second; Brian Bergstedt, third.

Chalked: Stephanie Springer, first.

Decorator pieces

Glazed: Sasha Seekins, first; Brian Bergstedt, second.


Stain medium: Bryan Mitchell, first.

Glazed: Amber Earnest, first; Abby Harr, second.

AGES 12-16

Functional pieces for food

Glazed: Amber Earnest, first; Meggy Vollrath, second.

Decorator pieces

Stain medium: Hunter Mitchell, first.

Best Ceramic: Stephanie Springer.