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UCC delegates oppose Measure 1

Delegates of the Northern Plains Conference of the United Church of Christ voted unanimously June 7 to encourage all of UCC churches in North Dakota “to educate their congregation members and wider communities regarding the end-of-life implications of Constitutional Amendment Measure 1.”

Measure 1, an amendment to the state constitution to be decided by voters on Nov. 4, states “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.”

Delegates of the United Church of Christ oppose Measure 1 because they feel the amendment is vague and poorly-written, attempting to impose one set of faith beliefs on the general public and insert the government into the personal decisions of individuals and their families.

Delegates believe the measure could make it difficult for physicians to follow advance directives, interfere with end-of-life care decisions for people of all ages, negatively impact organ donation and could dissuade physicians from practicing in North Dakota. Due to the open-ended wording of Measure 1, no group can ensure that, if passed, it will not be interpreted in a way that negatively impacts North Dakota residents.

The Northern Plains Conference of the United Church of Christ includes 50 churches with more than 6,000 baptized members located in North Dakota and one province of Canada.