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Next week's challenge: Limit television time

We are heading into week four of the New Year, New You Fitness Challenge starting on Sunday, Jan 31. You may be facing one of the toughest challenges yet! Your challenge this week is to limit screen time (TV, computers, playstation, etc) to 1 to 2 hours per day during your leisure hours. A recent study discovered that increased time sitting watching TV can increase your risk of early death from cardiovascular disease. So turn off the tube and get moving!

We hope that you are still consuming your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and practicing some weight management tips. This week try using small plates and glasses instead of large ones. We tend to eat less when we use smaller glasses and dinner ware. Don't forget to read labels on the foods that you choose.

In the Big Business division we have The Jamestown Sun in first, with Jamestown College and JRCC close behind. The Small Business Division is has United Presbyterian Church in first, Medina School teachers in second place and Kenneth McDougall, DDS in third. Finally, in the Friends and Family division, looks like the HS Chefs are leading, with The Breakfast Club in second and the Wannabee in third. We all should aspire to get as many exercise points as members of the Presbyterian God Squad! Good Job!

I think you will enjoy this week's article by Annie Kirschenmann. She gives some great tips for assessing your screen time and finding ways to get moving.