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At the halfway point

The New Year, New You Fitness Challenge is halfway done. Congratulations to all of the participants who are making steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Remember to continue to drink cool, clean, refreshing water and reduce your intake of sugar laden, non- nutritious, high-calorie beverages. Your challenge beginning on Feb. 15 is to practice at least 10 minutes of stress management each day.

In the accompanying article by Annie Kirschenmann, you can learn a few tips to help you manage your stress and discover how stress affects our waistlines. Stress is also thought to play a role in coronary heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, "More and more evidence suggests a relationship between the risk of cardiovascular disease and environmental and psychosocial factors. These factors include job strain, social isolation and personality traits. But more research is needed on how stress contributes to heart disease risk." Read more about stress and heart disease at

In fact, a new kind of "heart attack" has been discovered that is caused by stress alone. This rare condition, called Tako-Tsubo or stress cardiomyopathy, results from prolonged, extreme stress and causes damage to the heart muscle. This condition most often affects post-menopausal women. Learn more about it at This just goes to show you how stress has a direct effect on our health. Kirschenmann recommends that we take a moment to "Stop and take a few deep breaths and think about something that brings us joy." I want you to do that right now. I bet you feel better already!

Keep in mind that regular exercise also helps people manage stress, plus it can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Keep moving your body on a regular basis! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk on your coffee break and do toe raises when you brush your teeth.

Watch the Go Red ND educational DVD's for weeks 4 and 5 this weekend on the replay channel 10 and watch the DVD for week 6, "Stress Makes you Fat, Really!" will air Tuesday through Friday mixed in with the regular programming.

This week first place in the Big Business section goes to the Anne Carlsen Center's Monarchs, barely sneaking by Goodrich with a 0.28 lead! Jamestown College and MedCenter One are close behind. The Small Business continues to see United Presbyterian Church in the lead with the Medina School Thin it to Win it team in second and the Jamestown Middle School still in the race. The Friends and Family teams are being led by the HS Chefs, The Wannabee's and the Third Ave Fitness Coalition! Keep up the good work!