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Dollars for Scholars has local website

Jamestown Dollars for Scholars officially launched a new website on Nov. 22 through a new software tool provided by Scholarship America, Dollars for Scholars’ parent organization.

The website is jamestown.dollarsfor

This new website will allow Jamestown Dollars for Scholars to help students in the community access more scholarships. Through the website, students will have the ability to create an online profile, which allows them to apply for and be matched to multiple scholarships —on both the local and national level — in just a couple of clicks.

Jamestown Dollars for Scholars was able to customize the website to meet its specific needs including keeping the local community updated on chapter news, events and deadlines; providing information on what’s going on in education on a national level, and giving students and parents a one-stop-shop for chapter scholarships, educational resources, opportunities and events.

“We are excited to offer this tool to our area students,” said Larry Ukestad, president of Jamestown Dollars for Scholars. “Students are very comfortable accessing information via the Internet so having an online presence just makes sense.”

The Jamestown chapter encourages students to begin developing their online profiles now, to assure they are alerted about scholarship opportunities in advance of deadlines.

In addition to scholarships, students will also have access to exclusive volunteer and internship opportunities that may be available to them, as well as a financial aid and college success tools and resources provided by Scholarship America.