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Become a part of the City Beautification Program

Nominate a deserving yard within the city for a chance to win the Yard of the Week to promote beautiful yards. John Zvirovski / The Sun

The season is well underway in the gardens. The cool weather should be behind us, and the plants can start going into the ground. You might want to think about all the people around you that you begin to entice in enhancing their own yards due to complete envy in what you are doing yourself. I have found if you make your yard look good, it is somewhat contagious to the people around you. To put it simply … if you live next to a junk yard, you don’t get much incentive to beautify your own yard, but if you live next to a beautiful place chances are you will do something to make yours look better.

Having a nice yard does not mean you have to go over the top by any means, it just means that you take a little pride in making sure everything has a neat and groomed look. Some of the yards that I go by, I find a nice manicured lawn is attractive enough to get my attention. Other times it is a simple flower bed that has just the right pop of color, and sometimes it happens to be the perfect container garden displayed in just the perfect spot. Whatever the case may be, take pride in how you present your yard based on the time and expertise you may have.

Oftentimes I hear people say that I must spend a lot of time in my yard to get it to look the way it does. The fact of the matter is, a few hours a day is all it takes, but to some that is work and to me it is a good way to unwind and relax. Obviously, I must need a lot of time to relax and unwind!! But I get a certain amount of enjoyment out of it and it attracts a good amount of conversation by friends, neighbors and even an occasional stranger.

The city of Jamestown has a program called Yard of the Week presented through the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce. It is a recognition program to award a yard each week throughout the summer for the owners’ dedication in doing their part toward promoting city beautification by maintaining a manicured yard. This may include weed-free lawns, trimmed trees and bushes, outstanding flowerbeds, and a disease-free zone. I find this to be an amazing opportunity to continue doing what we gardeners do best and that is to present the best that we have to offer all season long.

The Yard of the Week program selects its winners through nominations by the general public as they notice attractive places throughout the city. When a yard catches your eye on a walk or a drive-by, take the time to nominate them to be the winner for that week! The award process encourages the public to get involved and be a part of this recognition program.

The program begins June 5 with the first award and continues throughout the summer until Sept. 8. Nomination forms are available directly through the Chamber or through its website. Print a few off so you have them available when you see that yard that deserves a little recognition.

Being an avid gardener, I think this is the ideal program to activate the public in a little civic pride and involvement. Sometimes all we need a little fun competition in order for us to show our true colors and talents.

Think of something fun you can do in your yard this year and maybe become one of the yard winners yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of money or product, just a creative edge and a little imagination. My suggestion to all of the gardeners and non-gardeners out there is to take a moment and be a small part of our city’s beautification program. If you don’t win the weekly award, you may just have fun in the process in making your yard a little prettier and more enjoyable to be in.

Get your nomination forms now and if you have additional questions regarding the program, please contact the Chamber directly for more information. Let’s start the new season off with a little friendly competition and always remember to congratulate the winner. After all, it is a true honor to be recognized for something as simple as beauty! Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.