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Couple celebrates new year with new baby

David Luessen / The Sun Jamestown Regional Medical Center registered nurses Sharra Pfeifer, back left, and Deb Thingstad present a gift basket on behalf of the JRMC to Laura and Justin Wieck, parents of Anya Lynne, the first baby born at the facility in 2014.

By David Luessen/The Jamestown Sun

Anya Lynne Wieck, of Jamestown, holds the distinction of being the first baby of 2014 born at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

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The 21-inch long, 7-pound, 14-ounce baby girl was delivered via Caesarean section at 7:52 a.m. on Thursday..

“Who would’ve thought?” said Anya’s mother, Laura, a special education teacher at Gussner Elementary School. “Having her on the 2nd, you wouldn’t think she’d be the new year’s baby, but she is.”

Anya’s father, Justin, head coach of the University of Jamestown’s men’s basketball team, said waiting for Anya had been very stressful, and he recently missed two of his team’s games in Iowa.

“(It was) probably more stressful waiting for it, and we’re excited it’s here,” he said, as Laura corrected him to start saying “she” instead of “it.”

Anya’s older brother, Jordan, was born Jan. 8, 2012, and her due date was supposed to be Jan. 7. Justin said it will be interesting to see how the birthday celebrations will work out between the two children.

“I don’t know if the kids will like that once they get older, but we’re looking forward to it,” he said.

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