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Monson family has reunion

The annual Monson reunion was attended by 117 relatives and friends Aug. 7 in McElroy Park in Jamestown. Family from seven states and 11 North Dakota areas came together for the weekend.

The youngest person at the picnic was six-month-old Katelyn Monson, Jamestown, and the eldest person was Lowell Monson, 85, Litchville, N.D.

North Dakotans attending the reunion were: Tim and Michelle Jenks, Bismarck; Reed, Tamara, Sydney and Elijah Hofmann, all Casselton; Lorne Monson, Sandy Anderson, Tammie Schaffer and Vannesa, Tanner, Sabrina and Isaiah Miller, all Fargo; Daltin Ehlers and Mike, Rowena and Austin Monson, all Glenfield; Marilyn and Bob Burkhart, Wayne Monson, Neldae Frank, Arlyce, Leonard, Mark, Levi, Jamie, Lindi, Sara, Keith, Kristi, Amanda, Alexa and Brandon Chadwick, June Bennett, Mason Kwonweide, Jared Altringer, Schnabel, Scott, Bernice, Reid, Ron, Kelly, Janel, Luke and Katelyn Monson, Sandy Eckelberg, Bryan, Lisa BryAnna, Baxter and LiAnna Hoffer, Dan Maulding, and Norman and DeLette Winkelman, all Jamestown; Lowell and Marlowe Monson, Mavis, Lewis, Tiffany, Lewis III and Miracle Renfro, Sausha, David, Nevaeh, David Jr. and Malachi Stone and guests Ken and Carole Jefferson, all Litchville; Dale and Virginia Monson, Vicki Sherman and Jared Sherman, all Mandan; Cindy and Todd Vogel, Justin Vogal, Joel and Laurie Miedema, Bill and Ethel Maulding, and Ken and Karen Baeth, all Marion; Cindy Loibl, Nome; Elaine Miedema, Tom Monson, Elizabeth Berge, Elaine and Dave Friestad, and Lindsey and Collin Loibl, all of Valley City; and Lois Hofmann, West Fargo.

Family members attending from outside the state were: Jim and Clarice Monson, Proberta, Calif.; Mark and Jude Monson/Cumming and Percy and Zoe Monson, Missoula, Mont.; Ed and Jean Monson, Lakefield, Minn.; Gene and Dorothy Monson, Breckenridge, Minn.; Ron and Pauline Monson, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; Jim and Elke Burkhardt and Kyle Bangerter, Rosemont, Minn.; Cheryl and Jerry Jerome. Beaverton, Ore.; Vonnie, Briana and Arielle Earnhart, Oak Harbor. Wash.; Jared Monson, Plainfield, Ind.; and Tyler Monson, Milwaukee, Wis.

The 2011 Monson Reunion will be Aug. 14 at McElroy Park in Jamestown.