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Monsons celebrate reunion

Submitted photo Cousins attending the Monson reunion included: front, from left, Neldae Frank, Arlyce Chadwick, Elaine Miedema, Lois Hofmann and Bill Monson; and back, from left, Rod, Lorne, Dale and Ron Monson, Muriel (Moline) Turnland and Wayne Monson.

On Aug. 11, descendants of Henry, William and Albert Monson and Bertha (Monson) Moline met for their annual Monson reunion at McElroy Park in Jamestown. The three brothers were lifelong farmers in the Litchville, Montpelier and Marion area. Rasmus and Anna Monson, who farmed northwest of Litchville, were their parents. Rasmus and his three brothers and parents, Ole and Berthe Monson, came to America in 1882. Ole farmed north of Kathryn. Rasmus' daughter, Bertha (Monson) married Ed Moline. They raised their family in Minneapolis.

Wayne Monson led in prayer before the group's meal. Dale Monson was emcee for the program. Jon and Kathy Burkhardt, Ron Monson, Zech and Jared Sherman and Rick Burkhardt provided music. Lois Hofmann led the Monson history song she wrote in 1997. Dale Monson shared the names of those who were having special birthdays and anniversaries this year.

Elaine Meidema and her daughter, Janelle, presented Bill Monson with a surprise 80th birthday cake and cards from those gathered.

The eldest person at the reunion was Wayne Monson, Jamestown. The youngest of the 76 people attending was 10-month-old Brogan Erstad, daughter of Brooke (Monson) and Brian Erstad, Fargo. Brogan is the granddaughter of Scott and Bernice Monson, Jamestown.

Jon and Kathy Burkhardt traveled the farthest from Las Vegas, Nev.

On the Saturday evening before the picnic, family and friends gathered for a reception at the KC Hall for Keith Chadwick and June Bennett who were recently married.

The 2014 reunion will be held at McElroy Park, Jamestown on Aug. 10.

Cousins attending the Monson reunion from Minnesota were: Muriel (Moline) and Owen Turnland, New Brighten; Jim Burkhardt, Plymouth; Ron and Pauline Monson, Detroit Lakes; Reid Monson, Moorhead, Elke and Kyle Bangerter Lino Lake, and Bill Monson, Ogilvie.

Attending from South Dakota were: Rick and Kay Burkhardt and Ali and Doug Carlson, all Sioux Falls. and BryAnna Hoffer, Madison.

Attending the reunion from cities in North Dakota were: Mike and Rowena Monson, Austin Monson, Glenfield; Tom Monson, Elaine Meidema and Mavis Monson, Valley City; Billie Monson, Seth Erwin and Donna Monson, Litchville; Joel and Laurie Meidema, Marion; Lorne Monson, Lois Hofmann, Brooke Erstad, Blake and Brogan, Adrian and Janelle Meidema-Allard, Fargo; Dale and Virginia Monson, Vicki Sherman, and Zech and Jared Sherman, Mandan, and Dianne Meckle, Ray.

Relatives attending the reunion from Jamestown were: Marilyn and Bob Burkhardt, Wayne Monson, Neldae Frank, Arlyce and Leonard Chadwick, Rod and Barb Monson, Ron Monson, Lisa and Bryan Hoffer and LiAnna, Keith and June Chadwick, Mason and Kristy Krumwoodie and Cadence, Sara Chadwick, Scott and Bernice Monson, Kelly Monson and Paul and Janel Monson, Luke, Katelyn and Mark.