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Bravos to hand out this week

The Jamestown Sun hands out these Bravos this week:

* Bravo to all the veterans, volunteers and residents who turned out Monday morning to observe Memorial Day. It is important to honor and remember the sacrifices of this nation's soldiers that made our many freedoms, including the freedom of the press, a reality.

* Bravo to Hunter Braunberger, a fifth-grader at St. John's Academy, for winning first place in North Dakota's Keep N.D. Clean poster contest. Braunberger's poster will be made into a billboard to be placed along a major transportation route somewhere near his hometown.

* Bravo to the Shunka Wakan Ah-Ku, or Bringing Back the Horses, program that helps at-risk Indian youth learn about their ancestors' horse culture.

* Bravo to the garden work students at Roosevelt Elementary School have done to learn about how vegetables are grown. The school received a $10,000 grant from the Love Your Veggies Nationwide School Lunch Campaign, which provides funds for students to try their hand at gardening in grade school. The vegetables the students grow can be used for future school lunches or snacks.

* Bravo to Madey Hornung and Nate Bivens for leading the Jamestown High School track and field teams at the state Class A track and field meet. Hornung placed second in the 800 meters and Bivens took third in the 200, and both of them did a wonderful job representing Jamestown.

* Bravo to 18-year-olds Sean Bloomfield and Colton Witte of Chaska, Minn., for their daring journey to retrace the 2,250-mile trip Eric Sevareid, who was originally from Velva, N.D., once took from Minnesota to Hudson Bay. The pair said they hope to arrive at Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, tonight.

(Editorials are the opinion of Jamestown Sun management and the newspaper's editorial board)