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Letter to the editor: Jamestown should consider an overpass for street

Hey Jamestown wake up!

You voted in June to defeat the quiet zone ordinance; now some misguided individuals are proposing to reconsider the proposed ordinance. It appears BNSF is willing to grant easements that would widen the downtown parking lots in exchange for closing Third Avenue west crossing. According to petitions, the parking lots cannot be done if Third Avenue is not closed because BNSF is holding Jamestown hostage for this consideration.

I say to you consider the viability of the Fourth Avenue east underpass, a deteriorating structure well past its prime; what if in the not-to-distant future it is declared unsafe for public use? Would it not be wiser to explore constructing an overpass on Third Avenue rather than close it?

Think of the problems generated by the closing of both these rights of way.

I know this overpass issue has been declared unfeasible in the past but if the proponents of this quiet zone can continue to force their biased views down our throats, then why not continue to explore the feasibility of an overpass on Third Avenue?

Gene Gossett