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League of Women Voters to meet

The North Dakota League of Women Voters hold its annual meeting in Jamestown on Sept. 13 at the Buffalo City Grille. Speakers at the annual meeting will address the topic of redistricting faced in the upcoming year. Lloyd Omdahl and Rep. Cory Mock, D-Grand Forks, continue to work extensively on this issue in North Dakota. They will explore the benefits and pitfalls of reapportionment and a discussion will be held on the best way to approach the issue.

The League of Women Voters of North Dakota is studying redistricting reform in the state. The goal is to reach a consensus on this position in time to weigh in on decisions made regarding the 2010 Census.

The League feels the issues to be addressed are the retention of equal distribution of districts (one person one vote), maintaining fairness across ethnic groups, and partisan "gerrymandering" should be opposed.

Those interested in the topic or in joining the League of Women Voters should attend. Those who would like to attend or who want more details should contact Susan at 701-297-6815 or e-mail