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Former inmate says government owes him money

FARGO (AP) -- A Fargo man convicted of telling a fellow inmate he wanted to kill former President Bush says the government owes him money for keeping him in prison beyond his scheduled release date.

Daniel Cvijanovich was sentenced in 2007 on one felony count of threats against the president. He was released after serving 19 months in prison and four months in a halfway house.

Cvijanovich said he should have been moved to the halfway house 49 days earlier. He's seeking $500 per day for each day he was held in prison, or $24,500.

Prosecutors said inmates do not have an absolute right to be transferred to a halfway house and Cvijanovich has not shown that he has a legitimate claim under federal or state law.

U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson is to hear arguments in the case Oct. 26.