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Sun photographer picture gets notice

A photo by Jamestown Sun Chief Photographer John M. Steiner took ninth place in a vote for the 2009 Year in Pictures for

More than 30 pictures from around the world including images of President Barack Obama's inauguration, wars in the Middle East and the Michael Jackson funeral were selected for the year in pictures. A photo of Obama's inauguration took first in the vote.

Steiner's picture was of Max, a Chesapeake Bay retriever biting at snow coming from his Jamestown owner, Tom Leiferman's, snow blower. The picture ran on page A1 in the March 12 edition of The Jamestown Sun.

Meredith Birkett, senior multimedia producer for, said in an e-mail that Steiner's photo did well on two levels.

"First of all, given how much hard news happens through the year, it's very tough for a news features to make the cut for the final edit as chosen by the picture editors," she wrote. "Secondly, your image came in ninth out of 64 images, with 1,648 votes."

The photo ran in newspapers across the country including The Boston Globe, The Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal.