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NDFU supports new legislation

North Dakota Famers Union is in support of the American Power Act after Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., announced provisions that would benefit the state's agriculture industry on Thursday.

"North Dakota Farmers Union believes the legislation is a positive step forward in securing America's energy future," NDFU President Robert Carlson said. "The bill also includes key provisions that will enable the nation's farmers and ranchers to play a role in that future with renewable energy opportunities and carbon offsets."

Provisions of the act include exempting farmers and ranchers from Environmental Protection Agency regulation of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions.

The bill also would allow farmers and ranchers to benefit from sequestration and prevented release, and give a greater role in the development and governance of that program to the U.S. Department of Agriculture than previous legislation.

The American Power Act also contains provisions for advancing the research, development and production of clean, renewable energy in America.

"Although we're still in the early stages of examining this legislation, it seems there are many things within its pages that provide for a sensible, comprehensive energy policy that provides significant and important opportunities for farmers and ranchers," Carlson said. "We look forward to examining the American Power Act in its entirety and working with legislators to enact the best piece of legislation possible, both for American agriculture and the American citizen."