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Clark: North Dakota is future energy capital of America

BISMARCK -- North Dakota is the future energy capital of North America, Gen. Wesley Clark said today.

The former presidential candidate was among the featured speakers at the state's Renewable Energy Action Summit at Bismarck State College.

About 200 people attended the event to learn more about energy development in North Dakota and to network.

Clark, who now serves as chairman of consulting, investment banking and energy organizations, spoke of the need to change the country's direction with energy.

He said the United States is sending $300 billion a year abroad to pay for imported oil.

"That's $1,000 for every man, woman and child in America so we can import oil from other countries," Clark said. "We cannot move forward as a nation paying $300 billion a year out of our economy to other countries to support our energy consumption."

There needs to be a vision to move to a sophisticated energy policy that strengthens the country's domestic energy production, he said.

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