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Fixing park equipment: Frontier Village Association is looking to improve its playground

The slide at Frontier Village in Jamestown, as seen Thursday, is primarily geared toward older children. (Kari Lucin / The Sun)

The Frontier Village Association is looking to improve its playground by refurbishing old equipment and adding some new equipment for younger children.

"The thought was that the equipment was deteriorating. It's not. ... other than needing a paint job, they are really sound," said Tina Busche, manager of Frontier Village.

The pieces that are there, however, are mostly suitable for older children, Busche said.

Even adults can be found sitting on the swings.

Busche and the FVA are writing grant requests for some of the equipment and requesting donations from local businesses for new pieces as well.

Should everything on the FVA wish list be purchased, the total cost would likely be around $30,000 to $35,000, which would include several large new pieces of equipment for young children, as well as updating the old equipment and all the labor for installing it.

The timeline for that work would depend on when money could be secured.

"The sooner the better would be nice. It might not happen until next season, but you never know," Busche said.

The existing playground equipment includes a jungle gym and a swing set, as well as a fairly tall slide. The slide does have a cage-style arrangement at the top for safety.

The new equipment would include a small merry-go-round with pedals, so children get some exercise, Busche said, and a smaller spiral slide for preschoolers.

It would also include a little playhouse resembling a western cabin, and four more toy horses for the toy stagecoach.

Frontier Village is seeking monetary donations for the project, Busche said, but any volunteers willing to work on the existing equipment would also be appreciated.

For more information or to donate, people can write to the Frontier Village Association at Attention: Tina, at P.O. Box 324, Jamestown, ND, 58401, or call 701-320-2725.

Most of the donations in the past have been designated specifically for other Frontier Village needs and cannot be put toward the playground equipment, Busche said.

In other news Thursday, the FVA:

* discussed some confusion involving three prop guns that were purchased for $300 in 2007 and may have never been received by Frontier Village. The vendor initially said they were never shipped, but later said they had been. The FVA is continuing to investigate the issue.

* agreed to allow the Wild West Players to use the Frontier Village sound system for an upcoming performance at Bonanzaville, a historical tourist attraction in West Fargo.

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