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Commission approves plats

The Jamestown Planning Commission approved three preliminary plats and one final plat at its monthly meeting Monday.

One of the replats drew concern from six residents who live nearby, due to the location of a public road near their property.

The preliminary plat of Western View in section 23 of Midway Township, near where the bypass connects with U.S. Highway 281, was approved 7-1, with Paulette Ritter dissenting.

The Planning Commission agreed to address the issue of the roads at its next meeting before the final plat is approved.

"What the homeowners are wondering is what's going to happen now," said Dennis Lorenz, one of the people who live near the area concerned.

At issue are two streets that run into U.S. Highway 281, one of which is used as a shared driveway or a kind of frontage road by several property owners. The other street was built parallel to the existing shared driveway, to steer traffic away from the homes there, after a child was almost hit by a vehicle, Lorenz explained.

The homeowners who attended the meeting were concerned that traffic could be rerouted onto the road nearer their homes again.

"This will pose some challenges and I think it's important that we work as much as we can with the developer and the property owners around to ... try to resolve issues," said Harley Trefz, Planning Commission chairman.

Trefz suggested a compromise between the developer and the homeowners could be worked out.

In other business Monday, the Planning Commission approved two other preliminary plats. One, a preliminary plat of Andersen's Country View Estates, was a replat, for property south and east of Jamestown Country Club.

The other was a preliminary plat of Creative Energy Addition, for property on the west side of the city.

Both will be discussed at next month's Planning Commission meeting.

A final plat for Berndt's addition, located just west of the Anne Carlsen Center, was also approved.

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