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Extension requested from WRB member

After voting to remove a member of the Stutsman County Water Resource Board last week, the Stutsman County Commission has received a request for an extension on a public hearing about the issue.

The Water Resource Board earlier found that one of its members, Jeff Mitchell, had illegally drained water from his land to other people's property in Nogosek Township.

According to the North Dakota Century Code, the County Commission is required to give Mitchell "ample time" in which to have a public hearing so that he can refute the claims against him, before he is removed from the Water Resource Board.

Mitchell has requested 30 days to consider whether he wants a public hearing.

The Stutsman County Commission has already forwarded the matter of the illegal drain to the state's attorney for review of possible criminal and civil actions against Mitchell. The group will likely discuss the matter again at its 8 a.m. meeting on Tuesday.