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Land use plan open house draws crowd

The open house for public comments on the future land use plan for Jamestown and surrounding area was all about hearing from the public.

It drew more people than expected with the prepared handout maps all distributed within the first hour of the four-hour comment period.

"Great turnout," said Connie Ova, Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. CEO. "The more information that gets out there, the better. We want people to understand what is going on."

Cindy Gray, planner for SRF Consulting Group, said the public had a wide variety of questions with some that were difficult to answer.

"We had general questions about timing and when development would reach where they're at," she said. "It really depends on a lot of things involving the economy and investors. This is for the purpose of preparing for potential development."

The plan does not affect current zoning or land use. It provides a plan for possible changes to zoning if property owners want to explore changing properties' uses.

"The people I've talked to are very interested," said Jamestown Mayor Katie Andersen. "We've had a few questions about crew camps, some questions about annexation. We're trying to clarify all those things for people."

Most of the members of the public attending the open house would not comment on the record about their thoughts or concerns although many asked public officials numerous questions.

Clarice Liechty, former Jamestown mayor, questioned some of the accuracy of the maps. The land use plan for Jamestown indicated the land she had donated for a dog park was to be used as a medium density housing area.

"They need to check the details," she said.

Liechty also said that planning did not always lead to development.

"There have been so many plans," she said. "It's just someone's idea. You have to ask who will put money into it."

The comments from the open house will be considered by SRF Consulting, city of Jamestown officials and members of the JSDC which could possibly lead to changes to the draft map. The final version of the map might be considered by the City Council as early as May.

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