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White Cloud has calf Monday

John M. Steiner / The Sun White Cloud, an albino bison, is seen with her newborn calf Tuesday in the pasture at the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown.

The National Buffalo Museum's bison herd's first calf of the year was born to one of the herd's oldest and best-known animals.

White Cloud gave birth to her 10th calf -- a brown heifer -- on Monday.

White Cloud is a genetically-certified albino bison born at the Shirek Buffalo Farm at Michigan, N.D. Her first calf, named Princess Winona, was born in 2000 and was not albino. Her only white calf, Dakota Miracle, was born in 2007.

The sire of the calf is a bull captured in a roundup at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Arnie Becker, a volunteer who works with the bison, said the calving season normally runs from the end of April through June. White Cloud did not have a calf last year which may have played a factor in her producing one of the first calves this year.

"White Cloud attracts tourists to this place from all over the world," said Kim Penrod, museum director. "She is well known all around the United States."

White Cloud's newest calf may be kept as part of the breeding program, Becker said. White Cloud is owned by the Shirek Buffalo Farm. The calves that she has produced are jointly owned by the National Buffalo Museum and the Shirek farm.

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