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Haunted Fort open at state park

North Dakota Parks and Recreation has announced that Haunted Fort is open at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.

Now in its 12th year, Haunted Fort is one of the largest haunted attractions in North Dakota and the surrounding region.

Haunted Fort is a supporting event for the interpretive programs at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. Revenues help maintain the buildings and the state's interpretive program. The event started in 2002 when staff decided to take advantage of the haunted lore surrounding Fort Abraham Lincoln, according to Matt Schanandore, Haunted Fort creative director.

"Since rebuilding the Custer House in 1989, people have said it's haunted," Schanandore said.

Every year, the scenarios, settings and props change so people aren't seeing the same thing year after year.

Because of the intense nature of Haunted Fort the event is recommended for ages 13 and up.

"We gear the event toward a PG-13 audience, but it's up to parents if they want to bring their kids out here," he said.

The attraction is open every Friday and Saturday for the rest of October. In addition, Haunted Fort will offer a special night on Oct. 31. The ticket office opens at 7 p.m. each day. Haunted Fort runs from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Haunted Fort will be open until Nov. 2. Admission for Haunted Fort is $12. For the complete list of dates and times, visit People can also like Haunted Fort on Facebook at edFort.

For more information, contact Matt Schanandore by calling 701-426-7528.