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No recall election expected at Barnes County North after deadline passes

Barnes County North Public School Board President Lori Carlson will not face a recall election, as proponents of the recall did not turn in a petition with signatures of qualified voters by the April 27 deadline.

Karen Gumke, business manager for Barnes County North Public School District, said Thursday in an email that no recall petition had been submitted for Carlson or Anne Osborne, another School Board member who was also part of a recall effort.

Proponents had to gather the signatures of 32 qualified voters in the school district on the petition for Carlson or Osborne, that is 25 percent of the 125 voters who voted for Carlson in the last election.

Curt Brown, who lives in the Barnes County North School District and was part of the effort to recall Carlson, said no one came forward to run against Carlson from the Spiritwood area that she represents on the School Board.

“The way it is in our (school) district, you have to have someone run in the recall from the district in which you are seeking the recall,” Brown said.

Since no one came forward to run against Carlson, Brown said those supporting the recall didn’t move forward with the recall effort.

Brown said originally Osborne was considered for recall, but the recall proponents decided to focus just on Carlson.

Brown said there probably would not be another recall effort.

Carlson said she thinks the whole recall effort has been unfortunate.

“It has been five months of it (the recall) hitting the press before it ever came to a board meeting,” Carlson said. “It never came to a board meeting and that is the hardest part.”

Carlson said it was also hard to see the Barnes County North Public School District and School Board being written about in the press when she didn’t think the coverage was deserved.

“We do a really good job with the business end of the school,” she said. “It will take time for all of us to heal from (this).”

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