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JRCC staff recognized for years of service

Recently the following employees at James River Correctional Center were presented with the following awards for years of state service:

Thirty years: Pat Lindbo

Twenty-five years: Don Redmann

Twenty years: Paul-ette Barnick, Stacy Petrek, Jeff Weg-ner and John Beaudoin

Fifteen years: Gail Roberg

Ten years: Sarena Ebel, Kari Frehse, Holly Froehlich, Chad Jackson, Becky Pergotski, Jonelle Schlenker, Sherry Schutt and Glen Torgerson

Five years: Dale Andrud, Leon Boehm, Jim Heinrich, Lynette Kukla-Seibel, Blaine Lee, Marlane Middle-stead, Michael Moser, Roger Ruscheinsky, Brian Ryberg, Darla Schmitz and Jay Simmers

Three years: Brittany Carpenter, Ricky Diede, Brandi Halvorson, Eric Huck, Patrick Job, Julie Montgomery, Colleen Nelson, Robert Tollefson and Michael Weatherly.