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UJ honors employees, trustees

University of Jamestown employees and trustees were honored recently by President Robert S. Badal for their years of service.

Thirty years: Carol Clark, physical plant; and Kate Stevenson, foreign language.

Twenty-five years: David Godfrey, English; Caroline Hagen, teacher education; and Reuben Liechty, trustee.

Twenty years: Bruce Jensen, biology.

Fifteen years: Anthony Amaro, chemistry; Peggy Foss, trustee; Kathryn Lemm, computer science and technology and track and field; David Muhs, trustee; Cecil Roth, foreign language; Tonya Sletto, business office; and Katherine Wendland, physical plant.

Ten years: Alan Berg, Bart Holaday, Larry Langemo and Todd Steinwand, all trustees; Shawn Frank, football; Mona Klose, nursing; Brian Lang, Ph.D., religion-philosophy; and Steven Listopad, communication.

Five years: Ed Crawford, men’s cross country and track and field; Beverly Dawson and Cassandra DuBray, both admissions; Sean Flory, English; Sheri Gunderson, nursing; Denise Hatch and Mark Koepke, both physical plant; Donald Heier, computer science and technology; Daniel Hornung, institutional advancement; Jeri Kaiser, academic dean’s office; Benjamin Kirkeby, psychology; Connie Palylyk, foreign language; Bill Robb, institutional advancement; and Jasper Schneider and Paul Sukut, trustees.