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Growlers for beer: Ordinance change will allow sale of beer to go

Jon Beyer of Jonny B's Brickhouse holds a sample of a growler he will be offering soon at his pizza and pub establishment in downtown Jamestown. John M. Steiner / The Sun

Jamestown bar patrons will soon have a way to enjoy some unusual beers at home. The Jamestown City Council passed an ordinance this week allowing the sale of growlers at bars with on-sale beer licenses.

“We’re definitely looking forward to being able to sell growlers,” said Jon Beyer, co-owner of Jonny B’s Brickhouse in Jamestown. “With the amount of tap beers we have, we’ve had quite a few requests.”

A growler is a container that can be filled and sealed at the bar so a customer can take home some of a favorite beer that might only be available on tap, Beyer said. Growlers can vary in size but most commonly hold 64 ounces of beer. People can refill the growler once they have purchased it.

“We’d fill the growlers with specialty beers,” Beyer said. “It is unlikely they (the customer) will fill it with things they can find at the package store.”

The second reading of the ordinance passed the City Council unanimously Monday. The ordinance allows on-sale establishments, those that sell beer by the drink for consumption at the bar, to fill growlers. There is no allowance in the ordinance for off-sale establishments, package stores, to fill growlers.

But those looking to purchase the growlers here will have to wait a little longer.

Beyer said he is in the process of ordering growlers to offer at Jonny B’s Brickhouse in the future. He has not determined any size or design yet. Residents will also have to wait until the ordinance goes into effect seven days after the legal notice is published.