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Students awarded NDCF scholarships

The North Dakota Community Foundation will award more than $600,000 in scholarships to over 375 North Dakota students in 2017. The organization currently manages over 120 scholarship funds supported by North Dakotans, former residents and those interested in helping North Dakota students succeed.

“We are pleased to be able to help so many students further their education.” said Kevin Dvorak, president and CEO of NDCF.  “The donors that created these scholarship funds believed in investing in our future and we are honored to be able to carry out their wishes.”

The following recipients are listed by hometown. The list includes the school the student will be attending (if known) and the scholarship fund or funds at NDCF from which the money was granted. In most cases, a local advisory committee recommends the grant recipient.

Area recipients are:

Ashley: Kadey Holm, North Dakota State University, Leo Billey and Ellendale Farmers Union

Binford: Brandt Ronningen, Adams-Edmore DFS, and Mikayla Donohue, Valley City State University, Conrad and Arthur Nisstad Memorial

Bowdon: Michelle Pienaar, Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Lars and Hilda Svendsgaard

Ellendale: Bryce Fischer, NDSU, Ellendale Area; Chloe Thurber, Trinity Bible College, Muriel Crabtree Music; Guy Ross, Trinity Bible College, Rupert Rehberg; Kelsie Jenkins, NDSU, Jean E. Crabtree Memorial and Ellendale Area; Megan Roehl, Presentation College, Ellendale Area and Kyla Morehead Memorial; Casey Strong, South Dakota School of Mines, Leo Billey and Helen and Ed Leiby; Chase Nishek, NDSU, Leo Billey; Jacob Hauck, Lake Area Technical Institute, Leo Billey, Tiny and Joyce Gebhardt and Helen and Ed Leiby; and Megan Roehl, Presentation College, Helen and Ed Leiby

Jamestown: Katie Mogen, University of Jamestown, Rupert Rehberg

Lisbon: Maverick Coleman, NDSU, ND Farmers Union Co-op House and Lewis Lilyquist Memorial

McHenry: McKenna Frappier, University of Mary, Conrad and Arthur Nisstad Memorial

Oakes: Allison Cox, University of North Dakota, Sheila Morse Coleman Memorial, First State Bank of North Dakota and Max Zelenak; Alyx Schmitz, UJ, First State Bank of ND; Amanda Maddock, North Dakota State College of Science, Brian Meehl Memorial and Oakes VFW; Ashley Brandriet, NDSU, First State Bank of ND, Brian Meehl Memorial and Max Zelenak; Lily Cizadlo, Minnesota State University, Rick and Nancy Warner Bigler; Cassidy Coleman, NDSU, Mary Goldader (Johnson) Memorial Scholarship, Fay and Irene Sanders Memorial Scholarship and Leo Billey; Kaitlyn Awender, UND, Ray and Hazel Wuolu Memorial; Shelby Roney, Northern State University, Sheila Morse Coleman Memorial, First State Bank of ND and Garry Opp Memorial; Abbey Forward, NDSU, Leo Billey; Allison Cox, UND, Leo Billey; Alyx Schmitz, UJ, Leo Billey; Amanda Maddock, NDSCS, Leo Billey; Austin Brummund, VCSU, Rick and Nancy Warner Bigler and Leo Billey; Jordan Cunningham, UJ, Leo Billey; and Makenzie Wertz, UJ, Leo Billey

Pettibone: Morgan Ziesch, North Dakota Farmers Union and North Dakota Farmers Union-Alan Bergman

Valley City: Erik Johnson, NDSU, Dick and Dean Bultema Memorial

Wishek: Michael Fettig, BSC, North Dakota Farmers Union

Zeeland: Kaitlyn Ebel, Iowa State University, Dr. Roger E. Meisner Veterinary Medicine