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City delays use of new water tower

The city’s newest water tower will not go on line until next summer. The decision to delay using the tower located in south Jamestown was made during the regular meeting of the City Council Monday.

“Originally we had planned on a Dec. 1 start,” said Reed Schwartzkopf, city engineer. “That would put it on line for four months then take it offline to paint it.”

Schwartzkopf said that plan had been in place since the start of the project this spring but it was reconsidered by the engineers involved.

“You can’t paint it well in this kind of weather,” he said.

To use the tower through the winter, it would need to be sanitized and filled now.  In April, the water would be drained and the tank’s interior would be dried to apply the proper coating.

“Trying to get it dried out can be difficult and it could cause problems with the coating,” Schwartzkopf said. “That could require more frequent applications of coatings in the future.”

Schwartzkopf estimated the cost of recoating the tower’s interior at about $350,000. The tower’s exterior will also be painted next spring with the city still in the process of selecting a paint scheme.

In other business, the City Council tabled a request to vacate a frontage road in properties south of the Jamestown Regional Airport. The frontage road is platted on maps but has never been constructed.

Leo Ryan, one of the property owners, said the frontage road was included in the plat when plans for the area included commercial development. The current owners of the property are planning apartments in the area.

Jane Trautman, a member of the Jamestown Planning Commission, requested the street vacation be denied.

“If the road is vacated any future development would only have one access point,” she said.

Action on vacating the street was tabled until the developer could provide more information on planned access points to the property.

The City Council also tabled two requests to vacate streets leading from N.D. Highway 20 to residences north of Jamestown. Details of a planned development west of the highway could impact the roads in the area. Plans for that development won’t be available until spring, said Jeff Fuchs, city manager.

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