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New library survey available

After surveying Stutsman County teachers, the James River Valley Library System is branching out with a new library survey for the general public.

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The survey is just nine questions long and can be completed in about five or 10 minutes.

Anyone — young people and old people, people for building a new library or against it, residents and nonresidents — may take the survey by visiting and clicking on the orange button in the center of the page, labelled “Take The New Library Survey Here.”

As of Monday afternoon, 42 people had taken the general survey, according to Bill Kennedy, the library system’s development director. No timeline is set for when the survey will end.

“The general survey indicates there is a strong support for the current library and the building of the new library,” Kennedy said.

The informal survey isn’t scientific and may not be a mathematically-exact representation of opinions about the library, but its answers do reflect a variety of opinions.

“Keep the same library we have now. No need to spend millions of dollars on a new library,” one respondent said.

Another wrote “Just build. We need one library. Good luck.”

A parent of two children wrote that other community libraries offer more opportunities for children, adding “I would like to see a children’s center with learning activities as our area does not have a children’s museum.”

“Comfy, cozy reading areas with tea/coffee bar,” was another response.

Others suggested changing the hours, adding adult learning classes, increasing the lighting, adding more classic books, removing unused books — and many wanted to see an increase in technology.

Many of the comments echoed design elements included in preliminary plans for a new library, such as an enlarged children’s area, more technology and meeting rooms for the public.

Kennedy said he hoped more people would take the survey, including children, who make up a large percentage of library users in Stutsman County.

“I’d like to hear from them,” he said.

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