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Correction: JSDC attorney’s opinion unchanged

There were two errors in the story “Attorneys: JSDC can use land for retail” on page A1 in Tuesday’s Sun. Jamestown/ Stutsman Development Corp. Attorney Joe Larson did not change his opinion on whether the JSDC can purchase land for retail use. In answering a question from JSDC member Mark Klose about whether it was improper for the JSDC to spend its money on a retail project Larson said, “Yes. I can go into a long discussion of it. I don’t think it’s appropriate today, but I gave you the short answer.”

The story also incorrectly quoted JSDC member Chris Rathjen on her concerns with the JSDC possibly purchasing 43 acres of the 73-acre parcel that could possibly house a big box retail home improvement store. Rathjen was quoted as saying, “I’m feeling like the city has bitten off more than it can chew.” Rathjen said she was referring to the project’s developer, R.H. Johnson Co., and not the city of Jamestown. The quote should have read, “But now it is, to me, like they’re saying ‘OK, we might have bitten off more than we can chew, we can probably bring in the big-box store but we’re not so sure about these other people.”