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Shoppers head to Jamestown for Black Friday

Shoppers check out the toys at Home of Economy on Black Friday. (Kari Lucin/The Sun)1 / 2
Family members investigate a fish house at Home of Economy on Black Friday. Coty Remmick, back right, checks the size with son Jaxsyn Remmick, 5, while his other son, Gavyn Anderson, 9, left, tries out the view from inside the fish house. (Kari Lucin/The Sun)2 / 2
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“It’s been a really good day,” said Chris Richter, assistant manager at Home of Economy, which moved to Buffalo Mall at the end of August. “We’re steady.”

While the store opened at 6 a.m., the crowds began arriving around 7:30 a.m. — and there was a lot more traffic than the store had in its previous location, Richter said.

The most popular Home of Economy presents were jumper cables, which had sold out by late morning, but people were also buying tools, toys and ice fishing supplies — electric fillet knives had sold out too.

“It’s getting to be that time of year,” said Coty Remmick, of Carrington, N.D.

He and his sons, Jaxsyn Remmick, 5, and Gavyn Anderson, 9, were checking out fish houses together at Home of Economy. While Coty and Jaxsyn tried to work out which fish houses were biggest, Gavyn stepped into one of the floor models to check out the view from inside.

Normally, Coty said, he avoids the Black Friday rush, but since they were already heading to Jamestown, he figured they’d check out the sales.

“We slept in and then we came here,” Coty added.

All 36 Home of Economy employees had Thanksgiving Day off, and all 36 are working today, Richter said.

Shopper Donna Mayer of Jamestown took a mid-morning break with a book outside Home of Economy.

“We shopped last night, we shopped this morning, so I need a little break,” Mayer said.

Her Black Friday shopping has become a family tradition, as she and her daughter have gone together for about five years. This year, people have mostly been pretty polite, Mayer said.

“Today we’ve done the whole mall here,” she said, after having been at Wal-Mart about five hours Thanksgiving evening. “… and when we’re done, we’re going to Fargo.”

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