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Carlascio finishes as third runner-up in Miss Rodeo America

Krystal Carlascio was named third runner-up Monday in the Miss Rodeo America 2014 competition in Las Vegas.

Carlascio, Miss Rodeo North Dakota, said she was very happy to make the top five.

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“It’s an amazing accomplishment making the top five,” she said Wednesday. “This is a very competitive event, and I am thrilled to be in the top five.”

Carlascio said she also won the Spirit Award and the Chaps Award for a pair of chaps she made in honor of her grandfather, the late James Carlascio.

“I had to give a speech about the chaps and my grandfather. I was very honored to win the Chaps Award,” she said.

Competing with 27 contestants kept Carlascio on her toes. The most difficult thing she had to contend with was a lack of sleep.

“You only get about three to five hours sleep a night,” Carlascio said. “Just staying on task, keeping your focus can be difficult when you’re sleep deprived.”

The schedule during the contest, which ran from Dec. 2-9, included learning a dance routine for the fashion show and getting through the interviews.

“There are 28 women and each one receives a 15-minute interview; it takes some time,” Carlascio said.

Carlascio said she was confident in most of the competition’s events, but felt she did her best in the horsemanship event. She said the event is difficult given that contestants ride on horses with which they aren’t familiar.

“You don’t get any warm-up time with the horses,” she said.

There are 14 horses used in the horsemanship event. Which horse a contestant gets is determined by rodeo officials drawing a number from a hat.

Carlascio said she was a little unlucky in the first drawing as she was third on the list.

“I had no time to see what the horse was like, or to come up with a pattern that fits the horse’s ability,” she said. A “pattern” is the route the rider takes the horse through when riding in the horsemanship event.

On the second draw Carlascio was picked later, plus she had a chance to see all the horses and what they could do in the first ride.

“Horses are like people, they have different athletic abilities,” she said.

While she would have liked to have won the Miss Rodeo America title, Carlascio said she was pleased with how she did.

“Being part of this event was a lot less stressful than what I thought it would be,” she said. “You have to be in the right mind frame to compete, so I didn’t have time to be stressed out about anything.”

With the national event behind her now, Carlascio said she is focused on returning home and going back to work as a nurse in Fargo.

“On Jan. 4, I give up the state title,” she said. Codi Miller, Mandan, N.D., is Miss Rodeo North Dakota for 2014.

Carlascio plans to stay active with rodeo groups in North Dakota and won’t be giving up riding horses anytime soon.

“I knew I had the ability to win (Miss Rodeo America). I rode 60 different horses at different events over the last year.”

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