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Warmer weather on the way before Arctic front hits

Though it’s not time to break out the swimsuits and sandals, people in the Jamestown area are due for some warmer winter weather in the next few days before another cold snap strikes.

“Enjoy the weekend, even if it might snow a little bit, because you’ll see the warmer temperatures,” said Janine Vining, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Bismarck office.

The weekend will bring a warm front moving east across North Dakota, but toward the end of the week, the brutal blast of Arctic cold will return, Vining said.

The higher temperatures bring with them a 30 to 40 percent chance of snow for the Jamestown area — likely about half an inch, with a full inch of snow more likely in the Carrington area.

“We’re actually going to have really nice and mild weather on Sunday and especially Monday. The Jamestown area might see 30 degrees above (zero) Monday,” Vining said.

People shouldn’t get complacent, though, because temperatures are going to take a tailspin with the Arctic front moving in on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Friday’s high temperature is currently predicted to hit 9 below zero.

“Next week, we’ll probably feel like winter’s over, then kabloom, it’s an Arctic front at the end of the week,” Vining said.

Keeping an eye on the weather forecasts helps Hugo’s Family Marketplace know what items to stock, said Jerald Roemmich, store director.

“You usually get a rush the day before, a couple days before the storm or the cold is supposed to come,” Roemmich said. “(Then) it’ll slow down, but there’s a lot of people, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or if it’s snowing, they’re going to get out and do the shopping they need to do no matter what.”

Just before a severe cold snap or storm, people generally stock up on essentials, such as bread, milk and baby supplies like diapers or formula, he said. And during an ice storm, the store stocks up on ice melt too.

“(Customers) still come in. … when it gets really cold, they will stock up a little bit beforehand so they don’t have to go out,” Roemmich said.

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