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Lions to match kettle donations

The Jamestown Lions Club will match Salvation Army kettle donations today of up to $5,000.

The Jamestown Salvation Army, which is about $65,000 short of its Christmas campaign goal, is hoping that the Lions Club will reduce the church’s fundraising deficit.

“We appreciate not only the matching money,” said Lt. Mitch Brecto, local Salvation Army leader, “but the fact that the Lions Club members will be putting in 16 hours of bell ringing on the 18th to boot.”

In a typical day $1,200 is raised in Jamestown kettles.

“Wednesday could make a significant difference for us, but we could still use some help covering the bell ringing hours,” Brecto said.

He said getting bell ringers has been even harder than raising funds.

Kettles will be out until Christmas Eve. To volunteer, call 252-0290.