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Malfunction at hotel Tuesday

A water heater malfunction resulted in a fire alarm at the Hampton Inn and Suites early Tuesday morning, according to Ashley Olson, general manager of the hotel.

“Increased pressure caused a fitting to break and leak water,” she said. “The steam from the hot water triggered the fire alarm.”

The Jamestown Fire Department responded and was on the scene for approximately 15 minutes, according to Jim Reuther, Jamestown fire chief.

Olson said the incident occurred between 4:30 and 5 a.m. There were about 25 rooms occupied at the time.

The water was contained in a utility room, Olson said. However, the hotel was without hot water during the morning hours.

“We gave people the option to stay or go to the Holiday Inn because we had no hot water,” she said.

Repairs to the hot water heater were complete by midafternoon.