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JRFD responds to smoldering soybeans

Water is sprayed Tuesday by the Jamestown Rural Fire Department on a grain dryer containing soybeans, at Gavilon Fertilizer LLC west of the city. Little to no damage was reported on the call. (John M. Steiner / The Sun)

The Jamestown Rural Fire Department responded to a fire at Gavilon Fertilizer LLC at 10:20 a.m. Tuesday.

According to Fire Chief Rick Woehl, some soybeans in a dryer had begun smoldering and very little to no damage was done aside from some burnt beans.

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“There were a couple of hot spots,” he said. “They basically just opened the vents and drained the soybeans out.”

Five units and 14 firefighters were on the scene on the 3400 block of 80th Avenue Southeast for approximately 30 minutes.

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