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Rural Water plans upgrades to water system

This engineer’s drawing shows the planned Stutsman Rural Water District water tower. The tower paint scheme will include the logos of Stutsman Rural Water District and Titan Machinery. The water tower will be located on Titan Machinery property. and serve Rural Water customers in the area southwest of Jamestown. (Photo courtesy / Bartlett & West)

Stutsman Rural Water District plans about $16 million in upgrades to its water system in the Jamestown area this summer, according to Geneva Kaiser, manager of the water district.

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The upgrades include a new water line connecting its treatment plant to Great River Energy’s Spiritwood Station, a line connecting the Jamestown water tower at Cavendish Farms to Dakota Spirit AgEnergy, upgrades to the system’s water treatment plant and a new water tower in southwest Jamestown.

 “The water tower should provide fire protection to the Rural Water users southwest of Jamestown,” she said. “The bid calls for a 500,000-gallon tank with an option of going to 600,000.”

Kaiser said the cost will determine if Rural Water exercises the option for the larger capacity tower. The engineer’s estimates for the project are $1.8 million for the 500,000-gallon tower. If bids are less than estimated it may choose the larger tower.

Darrel Patzer, a member of the Stutsman Rural Water District Board of Directors, said the goal is to guarantee adequate water supplies into the future.

“As a board member I’m pleased we can confidently move forward in providing water in our district,” he said. “The water tower is a key ingredient not only in that area but down the line (in its service territory).”

Water for the tower will be provided by Rural Water’s treatment plant at Spiritwood, which is also scheduled for an upgrade this summer. The planned upgrade will increase the plant’s capacity to process well water into drinkable water from its current capacity of 400 gallons per minute to 2,000 gallons per minute. The upgrade is estimated at $6.6 million.

“We’re fortunate to have GRE (Great River Energy) as a partner on this,” Kaiser said. “They will be buying industrial water from us.”

GRE owns the coal-fired generating plant called Spiritwood Station and the Dakota Spirit AgEnergy ethanol plant, which is currently under construction.

Rural Water has also received cooperation from Titan Machinery in locating the water tower. Titan has provided a permanent easement to Rural Water for the water tower location.

“We’re happy to be working with Titan,” Patzer said. “We can provide the water they need, and they allow the tower to be located on their property.”

The capacity upgrades at the water treatment plant and the water lines to GRE and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy will be financed with bonds paid by the income from the sale of industrial water to the coal-fired generating plant and ethanol plant.

“The bonding for this is not something going on the backs of the customers,” Kaiser said. “There shouldn’t be a rate increase for our customers with the industrial sales paying the debt and expenses.”

Kaiser said all projects are planned for completion by the end of the 2014 construction season.

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