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Committee wants one color for water tower

The new water tower in south Jamestown will be painted one color and have a simple logo, according to the recommendation of the city’s Public Works Committee Thursday. The plan passed the committee on a 4-1 vote with Mayor Katie Andersen dissenting.

Andersen had proposed a multicolored paint scheme at the February City Council meeting. The more complex paint scheme would add about $44,000 to the cost of the tower over a single color with a basic logo or design.

“I’ve gotten a lot of calls on this,” said Steve Brubakken, city councilman. “All said stay with the simple design.”

Councilman Dan Buchanan called the additional costs of the multicolor paint scheme “frivolous” when he moved to stay with a single color and logo.

“We’re not creating a designer tower,” he said. “Basic blue with the word Jamestown or if adding a Blue Jay logo does not add cost, it’s all right.”

 A third option was floated by resident Richard Klose, who proposed a paint scheme resembling a hot air balloon with a gondola.

“Give the people of town a warm fuzzy,” he said. “Bright colors have a positive impact on people.”

He also noted only two communities have a similar water tower design and both use it to attract people from the highways into town.

The balloon design drew the support of Councilman Charlie Kourajian.

“It would catch people’s eye like the American flag on the (water) tower at Carrington,” he said.

Andersen maintained that the multicolored design was best for marketing. She said the design was the most acceptable to most people.

The issue will move to the Jamestown City Council for consideration on March 3 where it will likely be discussed again, Andersen said.

The Public Works Committee denied a request from Swanberg Construction for an extension on the construction contract for the lift stations. The project reconstructs four sanitary sewer lift stations to add more capacity to handle waste water. The largest portion of the project is in the west parking lot of the Jamestown Business Center.

The contract specified the project was to be completed by Feb. 1. Swanberg asked for an extension until July 15.

Swanberg was awarded the contract on June 3, 2013, for $4.8 million.

Darrell Hournbuckle, project engineer for Interstate Engineering, said the Feb. 1 completion date had been selected so the project would be complete before any possible spring flooding.

“There will be damage if there is a flood or if another lift station fails,” he said.

Swanberg faces a $1,000 per day penalty for not meeting the completion date.

Brubakken said the City Council could address the amount of damages or penalties after the project is completed.

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