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Waterline held out of service

One segment of the waterline project constructed last summer in southwest Jamestown has not been put in service, according to Steve Suko, utility operations director.

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The segment of waterline is closed off and begins at the east edge of U.S. Highway 281 south of Jamestown and extends west to Country Acres Veterinary Clinic. Water service to all locations on the line is available from the other direction of the looped line, Suko said.

The waterline was part of $3 million in projects to provide better water service and fire protection to southwest Jamestown. The project included $2 million for the water tower located along the road between U.S. 281 and the North Dakota State Hospital and $1 million in additional waterlines in the area. The waterline  portion of the projects was slated for completion by Oct. 15, 2013.

Suko said problems likely occurred when the line was bored or drilled under some culverts. Dirt may have gotten into the line causing elevated bacteria counts when the line was tested last fall. Efforts to clean the line last fall failed, and cold weather has prevented work on the project this winter. Whatever work is necessary to clean the line and place it in service is the responsibility of Naastad Brothers, the contractor on the project. About 10 percent of the contract price is being withheld until the contract is complete.

“I’m not anticipating a problem,” Suko said. “By the time they were ready to work on it (last fall) it was too cold.”

Work this spring will likely include forcing a foam pig or a plug down the line which cleans the interior of the pipe, Suko said. The line will then be treated with chlorine and tested before it can be put in service.

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