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Permits: Building permit numbers steady, value down in 2013

The number of building permits issued in Jamestown in 2013 is nearly identical to the number issued in 2012 although the 2013 value was much lower, according to information released by Gary Klundt, Jamestown building inspector.

“We had some big projects in 2012,” he said. “That drove the value of the buildings way up.”

In 2013, Jamestown issued 127 building permits with a total value of about $14 million. In 2012, the city issued 123 permits with a total value of $34 million.

The 2012 permits included $5.7 million for the Hampton Inn, $1.7 million for the addition and remodeling at Ave Maria Village, and $2.8 million for the remodeling done by Lutheran Social Services at the old hospital.

Looking further back, Klundt said Jamestown issued 107 building permits valued at $9.6 million in 2011.

The 2013 building permits included 21 single-family homes, one apartment building, two industrial projects, five commercial projects and 24 major home alterations.

The major home alterations included larger additions and remodeling projects and totaled about $1 million in construction cost for an average of about $42,000 per project.

The remaining 74 permits were issued for smaller projects including garages, minor home alterations and small commercial projects.

Klundt said the weather has slowed construction activity so far this year.

“Things will be busy in 2014 if everyone does what they are planning,” he said. “No one has started anything yet though.”

Although none have applied for a building permit, several apartment complexes are in planning and financing stages for this summer’s construction season.

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