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BCTF to look into new logo on water tower

A file photo shows a water tower in southwest Jamestown. (John M. Steiner / The Sun)

The Buffalo City Tourism Foundation Board will pursue the “idea” of having its new logo put on the city’s south water tower after it discussed the matter at its annual meeting Monday.

The Jamestown City Council is expected to make a decision about the color and whether or not a logo will be included on the water tower at its April 7 meeting. The BCTF will unveil its new brand, including a logo, from 4 to 7 p.m. on May 9 at the Arts Center. Until the unveiling, BCTF members want to keep the new logo under wraps.

That could prove problematic as generally anything presented to the City Council is public information, according to Mayor Katie Andersen. She attended the BCTF annual meeting in part to discuss the idea of having the BCTF new logo put on the water tower.

Searle Swedlund, BCTF executive director, asked Andersen if there would be an opportunity for the City Council to consider having the new logo put on the water tower.

The new brand and logo for BCTF was developed by Redplum Media, an advertising and marketing firm in Jamestown, and the board’s marketing committee of Tanea Clocksene, Toni Pirkl and Lisa Barnick.

Andersen said there is time for the BCTF logo to be considered by the City Council, but the timeline doesn’t fit with the BCTF Board’s plan for the brand launch. She said the council might consider keeping space for the logo on the tower if the city engineer can look at the logo and decide if it would work on the tower.

“The City Council wants to do what the majority of the community wants (with the water tower),” she said. “The logo needs to be appealing to everyone. We want something recognizable from a long distance, yet still looks good up close.”

Andersen said she would rather see a logo go up now, rather than painting the tower one color and putting up the name “Jamestown.”

“If we put ‘Jamestown’ up there now, there is no room for a logo later,” she said.

BCTF Board members said they have concerns about any negative association with the foundation’s new logo before the brand launch on May 9.

In other business, the BCTF Board approved reducing the number of board members from 15 to 12. In recent years the board has had problems reaching quorum, and official business cannot be conducted as a result. By reducing the board from 15 to 12 members, Swedlund said the board should have enough people show up to its next regular meeting in April to conduct business.

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