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Real estate valuation for taxes approved

The Jamestown City Council approved a total real estate valuation for taxes in Jamestown of $703 million during its meeting as the Jamestown Board of Equalization Tuesday. The amount is an increase from the $650 million in valuation used for the 2013 taxes, according to Darrell Wollan, city assessor.

Wollan said the value may be lowered to $696 million when final calculations are made.

The higher valuation was largely the result of changes in the value of residential property which increased 9.9 percent.

Mayor Katie Andersen said increases in property values indicated a good economy in the area.

Each mill of taxes would generate $33,000 for the city compared to about $30,000 last year.

The equalization meeting is also a chance for members of the public to comment on the values assigned to their property for taxes. No member of the public attended the meeting.

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