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Local library system opts against exit interview policy

The James River Valley Library System will not have an exit interview policy for employees, its board of directors decided Wednesday.

“Number one, are we big enough to be in need of an exit interview policy?” said Joe Rector, library director.

About six employees have left the Library System in the past six months, said Jennifer Senger, the library’s assistant director. The majority of those were due to retirement, and one person moved.

“I have gotten calls from at least four people that are employed here, and they have a concern that we have lost 10 people here in the last whatever amount of time,” said Char Freeberg, Library Board member.

She said she asked those who called what was going on and whether they had spoken with the library director, and added “I don’t get an answer.”

Rector said that was frustrating, because one person who quit was unhappy but would not talk to him about the problem.

He also said that sometimes the library system has an issue with turf — “where people have said ‘this is my job and something else is not my job, I wasn’t hired for that.’ But not only that, that people want to control the turf …”

Rector emphasized the importance of flexibility and collaboration, so that things still get done when individual employees are absent.

“We need the staff to be willing to learn new things and adapt to new things,” Rector said. “… we need to move forward in this organization. We cannot stay exactly where we are.”

He encouraged library employees to come to him with problems.

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