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Zoning permit for Jamestown landfill expansion tabled

A zoning permit necessary for an expansion to the Jamestown landfill was tabled by the Bloom Township Board of Supervisors Thursday, according to Roy Werner, chairman of the board of supervisors.

“No decision was made and we will discuss it at a later date,” he said. “We need to sort through and see what’s best for the township and the city.”

Jamestown plans to expand the current landfill located about 2 miles east of city limits. This landfill receives the baled waste from Jamestown and Stutsman County residents.

Darrell Hournbuckle, project engineer with Interstate Engineering, said the current landfill location was developed before Bloom Township had zoning authority and was grandfathered in as an allowable use. Before the expansion can proceed, the township would need to issue a special-use permit.

Residents of the area voiced concerns over the amount of truck traffic on the roads leading to the landfill, the speeds those trucks travel and the amount of dust that is created.

“Controlling speed and dust would satisfy a lot of people,” said Joe Schmitt, one of the area residents.

Schmitt said dust billows around the trucks starting at about 25 mph. Other residents said the dust can create near whiteout conditions, making travel dangerous and causing health concerns for residents in the area as well as their pets and livestock.

Jamestown City Administrator Jeff Fuchs said adding chemicals to the gravel can reduce dust but loses its effectiveness when the roads are bladed for maintenance.

Werner said the township had not set a time to reconsider the issue.

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